Report by CHRISBO

Here’s this week’s WotC Chat Report.  Sounds like the Tropical Mega Battle went well, some news on Pokemon League Year 2 and the East Coast STS, and a release date for Gym Challenge.  The attendees started running out of questions a bit early this week, so MT_Mike started singing old 80’s tunes; please bring some good tough questions to the Chat next week so we don’t have to endure that again (just kidding Mike).  OK, here we go...


·        Master_Trainer_Mike says, “Hi gang! Master Trainer Pat is out today so its just me (so understand if it goes a bit slower). DMT Mike and I were in Hawaii for the Tropical Mega Battle this last weekend and I wanted to share some information about it with you.”

[Chrisbo Note: “DMT Mike” = “Dark Master Trainer Mike” (aka “Boss Mike”), not the same person as “MT_Mike”.]

·        Master_Trainer_Mike says, “The first day, the players were formed into 8 groups that went around to the 8 cities and played as teams for point totals. Some cities had trivia contests, another had name that Pokemon from its flavor text, one city had the players digging for Monster Balls with points in them on the beach of Waikiki. DMT Mike and I played in the Vermilion city Gym where we used Lightning/Colorless Pokemon and took on all Challengers. I ended up with the best record at 5 wins, 2 losses, while DTM Mike went 4 and 3.”

·        Master_Trainer_Mike says, “In the open play tournaments (still only allowed to use Base or Jungle Pokemon cards), everyone I saw played Haymakers with at least 25 Trainer Cards except for 1 Raindance Deck.”

·        Master_Trainer_Mike says, “The second day final tournament was a constructed one where each player was given 90 cards from Basic and Jungle and had 1 hour to build a 40 card deck to play with. They were given as much basic energy as they wanted as well. Here is the list of what they were given:”

·        Master_Trainer_Mike says, “Grass 1 Caterpie, 3 Weedle, 2 Kakuna, 1 Beedrill, 3 Nidoran , 1 Nidorino, 1 Koffing, 1 Oddish, 1 Paras”

·        Master_Trainer_Mike says, “Fire 3 Charmander, 1 Charmeleon, 1 Charizard,1 Growlithe, 3 Ponyta, 2 Rapidash “

·        Master_Trainer_Mike says, “Water 3 Squirtle, 1 Wartortle, 2 Poliwag, 2 Seel, 2 Dewgong “

·        Master_Trainer_Mike says, “Lightning 3 Pikachu, 1 Raichu, 2 Magnemite, 2 Voltorb, 1 Electrode, 1 Jolteon, Psychic 3 Abra, 2 Kadabra, 2 Drowzee, 1 Jynx, 1 Mr.Mime”

·        Master_Trainer_Mike says, “fighting 3 diglett, 2 dugtrio, 1 onix, 3 mankey 2 primeape, 1 rhyhorn”

·        Master_Trainer_Mike says, “colorless 1 rattata, 1 doduo, 1 meowth, 2 eevee”

·        Master_Trainer_Mike says, “1 DCE”

·        Master_Trainer_Mike says, “trainers 1 oak, 1 bill, 1 trader, 1 energy removal, 1 energy retrieval, 2 switch, 1 computer search, 1 pokedex, 1 pluspower, 1 defender, 2 gusts of wind, 1 super potion, 2 potion, 1 full heal, 1 pokeball”

·        Master_Trainer_Mike says, “When we watched the tournament every energy type was pretty evenly chosen except for grass (only 5 players chose to use Grass in their decks).”

·        Master_Trainer_Mike says, “The overall winner of the Tropical Mega Battle was Jason Klaczynski of Chicago. He played well and won it all on a successful coin flip for his Quick Attack with his Eevee. His opponent only had 1 Pokemon out (no bench) and needed 40 HP to be Knocked out. Jason played his 1 Pluspower and went for it all and got the coin flip he needed.”

Q, Who is your favorite card artist?

A, Master_Trainer_Mike says, “Well I did meet Kagemaru Himeno at the Mega Battle, she even signed DMT Mike’s birthday Pikachu card.”

Q. Do you know what the Japanese metagame is like?

A. Master_Trainer_Mike says, “We learned some of it in Hawaii. It seems to be a game played by a much younger and less aggressively competitive crowd.”

Q. I heard you and Dark MT Mike battled some ferocious creatures over the weekend... any comments?

A. Master_Trainer_Mike says, “There were baby Pokemon, strange Trainers and energy cards and Imakuni yelling out whenever his Weedle attacked me.”


·        Master_Trainer_Mike says, “ Next years Pokemon League starts in January and will have 8 seasons in it like this years. Players that earn their badges quickly will have more extra activities they can do (no more TM’s though) and can even slowly work on points for the following season.”


·        Master_Trainer_Mike says, “The official date and location for the upcoming East Coast STS is November 18th at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, NJ. “

·        Master_Trainer_Mike says, “Look for some of your favorite Master Trainers at the following East Coast Mall Tour stops. Dark Master Trainer Mike (my boss) will be at the Baltimore and the Miami stops. Master Trainer Pat will be at the Chicago Mall stop and I will be at the one in Boston. Please stop by, say hi, and challenge us.”

Q. What will be all the criteria for invitation to the STS? We know the qualifiers are the obvious ones, but what other criteria will be used?  A. Master_Trainer_Mike says, “Anyone who has earned 5 or more League Badges can participate in addition to winners from the qualifiers.”

Q. Will the number of badges required to participate in the STS go up each time?

A1. Master_Trainer_Mike says, “Dunno, it did for the East Coast event though (5 instead of 3).”

A2. Master_Trainer_Mike says, “ this event is taking place 5 months later in the League schedule.”

Q. Will DCI ranking or perfomance in the West Coast STS be factored in for East Coast STS invites?

A. Master_Trainer_Mike says, “Not sure about DCI rankings, the West Coast STS will have no effect.”

Q. So even if you won the West Coast STS in one of the 3 divisions, then you do not get invited to the East Coast one?

A. Master_Trainer_Mike says, “Correct, different tournaments, different requirements.”

Q. For the East Coast STS - Will they be taking registration of Invitees first, then take first come first serve with 5 or more badges...?? the biggest flaw in the West STS...

A. Master_Trainer_Mike says, “Yes we are very aware of the Registration troubles at the West Coast event, they are being corrected for this one.”

Q. What are the prizes for the east coast STS and qualifiers?

A. Master_Trainer_Mike says, “Dunno yet.”

Q. So do you think Space Weedle will be accompanying you, Dark MT Mike, and MT Pat on your guys trips?

A. Master_Trainer_Mike says, “Probably not, Brand wants to save it for the East Coast event.”


Q. Has a release date been finalized for Gym Challenge? If so what is it?

A. Master_Trainer_Mike says, “Yup, Oct 7th.”

Q. Will Imakuni’s Doduo and ____’s Chansey see print in the Gym Challenge Expansion?

A. Master_Trainer_Mike says, “No Imakuni’s cards coming. Though I did meet him in Hawaii and learned his dance. :)”

Q. Why don’t you print Neo now?

A. Master_Trainer_Mike says, “Its not our product, we don’t own it, we don’t

have the right to do so.......blah blah blah”

Q. Any plans for the Southern Island sets, etc.?

A. Master_Trainer_Mike says, “Not yet.”



Q. Can you tell us what Promo #19 will be?

A1. Master_Trainer_Mike says, “Yes I COULD. But I won’t.”

A2. Master_Trainer_Mike says, “No info on that yet.”

Q. What is Promo #24?

A. Master_Trainer_Mike says, “No info on promo 24 yet.”

Q. Is it true that you get Promo #7 Jigglypuff when signing up at the east coast STS tournament tour?

A1. Master_Trainer_Mike says, “What?????? No.....” A2. Master_Trainer_Mike says, “I have no idea what you are typing about, sorry.”

Q. Will the Cool Porygon received at the Pokemon League be exactly the same as the one received in the Pokemon League just not wrapped?  A. Master_Trainer_Mike says, “I don’t know about its wrapped state but it is the same exact card.”

Q. What’s the next prerelease card to be issued?

A. Master_Trainer_Mike says, “Dunno.”


- Chrisbo