From: jonathan ringdahl []
Sent: Thursday, December 06, 2001 1:42 PM
Subject: ness's article
      I think ness has a point, I started when I was thirteen and played in my first qt when I was fourteen and won an invitation to the east coast super trainer showdown.  I've never had that much fun, I couldn't wait till next year but then I found out they removed the 15+ qt's, I was so mad.  It's not fair.  I have nothing against magic but I like pokemon, and am happy with it.  I have no intentions of playing magic, and won't. 
      I had a great deck, and was doing well playing it and had finally become a good player but couldn't win an invitation.  I don't have the money to get there, so I needed to win plane ticket's.  I'm not the biggest fan of flying but for the sts I would go, so would hundreds of other people I'm sure. 
      I won't bet against it that they would eliminate 15+ tournament's.  I became a great player, and couldn't play for ticket's?  I didn't like that decision at all.  I felt robbed.  I went to the New Brighton qt, and talked to the winner of a side tournament and he got in the area of 8 packs.  He paid $5 to enter, and he was mad because the kid who won the qt got like 36 packs.  I can't blame him I would be mad, he paid $5, that kid didn't pay anything. 
      My dad, my friend Ken, as well as most people 15+ all hated there decision, even people under fifteen hate it.  When they get over fifteen they might as well throw their decks away.  If they do eliminate 15+ qualifiers and you go play magic that's exactly what wizard's wants and then they think they can manipulate you.
      If they take away 15+ at the sts I'm still staying with pokemon, they can't get me into magic that easy.  I will fight this battle until it's over.  If we lose the fight we will go down fighting, and I still won't play magic I'll just play at the pokemon league.  If I quit pokemon, I won't play magic.  They will lose two customers my dad and I.  I spend over $150 on packs when new expansions come around, not including packs between expansions. 
      Those magic judges don't know anything about pokemon.  The New Brighton qt had another judge not in uniform, I don't think he was a dci judge but they didn't know about pokemon but he did.  You do see to much feraligatr now even though other decks sometimes win, it's mostly feral decks.  It's easier to beat than a sneasel deck but if your pokemon only get one shot they can't do much. 
I'm proud and honored to play pokemon.  OH IT'S TRUE IT'S TRUE!

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