From: Katy Potter []
Sent: Thursday, December 06, 2001 8:41 PM
Subject: Reply to Rant, from the Alpha Male
My name is Jim(I won't tell you my last name because I'm fed up with being refered to as 'him').  Well, on the boards I'm known as The Alpha Avihowl.
I started to seriously play the Pokemon tcg in March, even though I was late for the league opening I still joined, and it was two days after my fifteenth birthday, and I was PO'ed because I had talent at the game and I didn't think I could attend the ECSTS.  But I did after they revoked that dolt move.  Unfortunately, in the STS I came with a crappy deck and I had to make a new one with boosters I got for the second day.
Even though I played really crappy I head one of the best times of my life, the only time that could top it was when I got to go hunting for the first time.  I never got to play in the WCSTS because my parents would never let me go to San Diego.
The point is I love Pokemon, I don't care for Magic, I mean, it's not to difficult, but I started with Pokemon and I won't quit it unless I die.  Nothing against Magic, but in my personnal opinion, it's stupid(note; my personnal opinion I have nothing against people who play it).
Reasons why Wizards should keep 15+;
1) Newton's 3rd law of motion "For every action there is an equal but opposite reaction" Wizards pushes us, we push back, and we out number them.
2) They should encourage us to play Pokemon more, they see Pokemon as our training ground for Magic, but we put in a large chunk of change, and then little kids see us playing Pokemon and want to be 'like the big kids', if they see us playing Magic and they try, they fail because they cannot comprehend it, they'll go away with negative feelings.  Also, we'd be spending money on both games, which is more money for them.
3) If older(15+) kids play it, adults won't think it's as stupid as they originally thought(most adults have a bit more respect for us than a 10 year old), they may actually try it themselves.
If Wizards was smart, then they'd keep it, or else they'll just "wizz" all over they're profits.