From: Tony Macdonald []
Sent: Thursday, December 06, 2001 2:39 PM
Subject: RE:Rant on 15+
I wholeheartedly agree. It is pretty wrong of them to put a seemingly unwriten age limit on their game.
I'm 20, and maybe alittle too old to expect any sort of qualifiers for my age, which I only sorta don't mind. But upon hearing that the 15+ crowd is rumored to be getting shunned..well that's pretty much the last straw.
I think Wizards needs to finally look at Pokemon as a actual CCG instead of just a fad to help get kids to play Magic more. There are people still here playing the game, and willing to do so for quite awhile longer if Wizards would just give them the chance instead of pulling the plug on them as soon as they reach 15 just because, well, they don't fit into their marketing stratagy for this game. No, we don't all want to move onto Magic, just because they're both CCG's made by the same company doesn't mean everyone wants to move onto it.
I seriously think anyone who is 15+ and likes playing this game needs to voice their opinion on this matter and finally bring this topic up to Wizards. They've been judging this game because of their previous marketing plan and it's time they stopped, we're all tired of seeing this game get absolutely no respect.
And yes, I do play Magic. And I got bored of it.
                      Thanks for your time,

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