Sent: Thursday, December 06, 2001 3:28 PM
Subject: On the elimanation of the 15+
Hi all I am DrZaPPer84 from the pojo boards..... I am here to talk about the whole wizards getting rid of the 15+. I mean even tho I hate to agree with ness...."/ I know he is right. Though I am only 13 I only really have one more year left if this goes through. Even though my friends at my local tournies are pushing me to get into magic truth is I don't like magic as much as pokémon. I mean mf is getting old and the buisness ppl at wizards obviously suck.. I think wizards may need to rehire the makers of these stupid decisions.   

     Another thing I agree with ness is that mf is getting old. I mean feraligatr is so numerous it isnt even funny. I mean I never play archetypes in mf(liak Gatr) because the only advantage to mf is that anything can win.... I mean  mf is ALL luck any1 with a gio's machamp deck and the best luck would own in mf.  You can bash me if you like I dont really care. Also unfourtunetly wizards is trying to put us into a trap of buying the cards thats what mf is for. A little thing to wizards..... we want to have fun with the game too so I mean plz find a new format wizards IMO you are gonna lose buissness if you dont supply us with a new format..... Hopefully you will make the right decision(yea right) uhm thats meh rant latr