Dear Pojo Followers and Wizards (aka WotC), This is General Raikou speaking.


Jason, Iím glad to see youíve spotted this early and are actually trying to do something about it.Iím sure most of us will back you up.Iím sure you also want another chance at the top 8 after getting 9th place twice in a row at the WCSTS.

A little bit about me:

Iíve been playing Pokemon for awhile.Probably since I was 12/13 years of age and Jungle had just come out.I didnít spend a whole lot on cards back then, I had bought like a whole bunch of holos, rares and other stuff from a friend I knew to get started.Then I traded one of my cards for two equal or so cards, and my collection grew bigger without me paying a lot.I admit I didnít play much back then, but I liked the cards and I soon got into playing.I started out as a pretty good n00b, loosing only to a few individuals at league.Then around fossil and rocket, I got a lot better and started to 0wn and actually have fun at playing Pokemon.I used to think that in order for me to have fun I needed to win a game, but thatís not the truth anymore.Recently I was wishing for league to come back so I can play some fun decks without hurting my rating.I know DCI rating ainít everything, but some people look up to it and me being able to say Iím like the top 100 in the world, is something cool to say.Well anyway back onto the subject of WotC removing the 15+.


Iíve played at multiple qualifiers, and 3 STSí.All of which were fun, but this yearís WCSTS was the most fun, because I got to spend 3 whole days basically, with Scott and Doll of Pojo, and tons of mIRC people Iíve met only online.I got to meet the judges. I got to pass out a fake card, got to see interesting decks, got to winners and losers, got to see DCI ratings drop rock bottom or sky rocket, and most of all, I got to see hundreds of Pokemon players having fun, playing the game they love.At this years WCSTS, the 15+ was the biggest age group with 200+ players, while the 10- had like 40Öand the 11-12 and 13-14 had around 121 or so each, before people dropped.That has to say something about the 15+.Without the 15+ the STS wouldnít be the same, NO Pokemon as a WHOLE wouldnít be the same.With these older people buying cards, driving kids around, buying lunch and dinner, airplane tickets, and spending just lots of money to play this game, how can WotC turn on the 15+ now.I am in the 13-14 Age group, but only till February, and then I got to play with the grownups.Its better for me to start now and help us fight WotC and their reckless decisions, than to wait till the STS and then fight then.


So WotC wants the 15+ to play magic.Well it seems like they want us too, but even if they remove the 15+ from Pokemon totally or just even the STS, people of 15 or older will quit Pokemon and not even go into Magic.Magic is a costly game, and like most Americans, can barely afford to play Pokemon at the moment, especially since September 11th.Also why would anyone spend $1000s on Pokemon and then be told, no you canít play anymore, you got to go play Magic, and then you spend $1000s more on Magic, especially when the Pokemon cards you already have are perfectly fine and you have fun playing with them.Itís hard to get into a game that has been around for years and has like whatÖ15+ sets already?So WotC, I hope youíre listening.Your plan to move us into Magic will fail.You will loose hundreds of thousands, if not millions on trying to move us to Magic.


Iíd also like to introduce a quote I just thought of.Itís simple and easy to remember.And the most important thing about it is that itís true.


ď15+ Makes Pokemon Tick.Ē


Yes, this means that without the 15+ Pokemon wonít be successful in America.I donít care about how well itís done in Japan.Japan is not America, and we Americans do things differently. I also donít want to hear whatever bull crap excuses Wizards will have ifÖwait not IFÖWHEN they decide to cut the 15+ for good, all I know is that those excuses are just senseless crap trying to make us feel better for being told we canít play.


Also for everyone who is reading this, please email and tell them how you feel about the 15+.Tell them how weíre needed for the existence of Pokemon.Tell them how the 15+ is the first to come up with 0wnage decks.Tell them how the 15+ has lots of nice cash to buy their cards and pay their salaries.Tell them how we just plain 0wn.


This will conclude my response to Nessí quick thinking and actions.Iím sure Iíve missed points, or offended somebody.Iíll apologize now, but I canít promise it wonít happen again. =/ (OmgÖthe only =/ on this whole responseÖamazing considering I wrote this)


Have a nice day, and I hope you back us up.

~General Raikou