I would just like to say how totally Disgusted I am after reading Phill's letter.  When I first heard about this I was surprised, but not that someone would be banned for four years.  But that someone that was given as much trust as Phill, and looked up to, most likely, by younger players would do something like that.  Then when I read his letter and saw his attitude about the game it made me somewhat angry.  I live in a small city in Mississippi, and we don't have many major tournaments around here and none are DCI sanctioned.  I know that many people around here and in other small towns and communities could hold their own and some could probably beat the top players of the DCI, so don't go around saying you are the best just because of your rating.  Phill, if you read this just remember that no matter how good you are someon else is always going to be be better, and that while you are in a position of authority don't try and abuse that power given to you.

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Justin White

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