Not only was this guy considered the best TCG player in the world, he was considered the best Pokemon player in the world, considering TCG is the only thing that counts towards world rankings.  I remind everyone that if not for the GB games, the TCG would not exist.

Now that I've gotten that out of the way...

My next statement is not affected by my bias toward the GB games.

I completely agree with the DCI's decision to suspend Phil, and the length of time they decided to suspend him.

As a result, this guy caused many other people's rankings to lower, took away STS byes from deserving players, and made TCG players question the credability of the entire DCI organization.

As someone else said, his skill should not matter towards his punishment.  He made a mistake (a big one), and he should be subjected to the same punishment as anyone else, whether he be the best or worst player in the world.

Phil is trying to take legal action with this?

That will not accomplish anything.

He would have no chance of winning.

He made a mistake.

Sufficient evidence is available against him.

The jury (DCI) declared him guilty, and suspended him for 4 years.

Trying to appeal this will only lower his level of respect (as if it hasn't been torn to shreds already).

The most mature way to handle this is to accept the fact you did wrong, and accept the punishment.

He acts as if the TCG is his entire life, and DCI took it away from him.

I say to him, get a life.

As for everyone else, we should just drop it.  He has endured enough criticism, flames, and such.  Making a big deal out of this will accomplish nothing.

It will just make it worse.

Nick Moore, A.K.A. NickWhiz1
One of the great GB players in the world