Howdy, Poke-/Pojo-hollics,

I've been furious with the whole matter from day one. I mean, he cheated his
way up to where he is (or some of the way, anyway), and he apparently
believed he was superior to all other players. Quite frankly, I don't know
how he could live with himself. Cheating, stealing, murder...they're all
crimes, and they all have consequences.

I remember in one of the God-knows-how-many message board posts of Phil's
about this, he said that he's young, that he didn't know better, etc. Well,
he obviously knew how to cheat this friend of his and himself up the
rankings, he obviously knew how to run a tournament, a feat in itself. But he
didn't know it was bad...? You've got to be kidding me. Pathetic.

I think his four year penalty was quite appropriate indeed. Yes, many are
saying it's harsh, but look at it this way: he affected the whole DCI system.
All the players. Everyone. Many should have had higher ratings, but since he
had to make two ratings higher than deserved.... Anyway, and I never thought
I'd be saying this, but DCI knows what their doing. In the punishment
department, they're right on the money.

All in all, he got what he deserved, he isn't the "master" he thought he was,
and he's been "taken care of". And, Phil? Rules weren't made to be broken.

Cya round,
-Samantha Medeiros, Samantha 129 on Pojo's EZ Board and WizPOG