Phil -

You conveniently left out some important points in
your "Letter to the Editor".

First of all, you admit that you "helped a player I
hardly knew get a BYE at the ECSTS", but you left out
how you did that. You filed a tournament report
stating that this person participated in a tournament
that, in reality, he never attended. How many more did
you file that we never heard about? We'll never know.
Filing even one false report destroys your

In what world is that not filing "False Tournament
Reports"? It certainly is in this one.

Did you genuinely earn your DCI score of 2233? Did you
finish in the top 2 or 4 at the STS? Maybe you did,
maybe you didn't. Are you a skilled player? I don't
know, and I honestly don't care. These points
irrelevant to the issue at hand.

You were old enough to apply to become a DCI Judge,
you're old enough to understand and follow DCI Rules,
and you're old enough to accept their punishment. If
you're old enough to understand that age might make a
difference in punishment, then you're old enough to
know better. Age is not a mitigating factor, and is
not relevant either.

What's important here are the following questions:

Did Phil Mondiello violate the trust of the WOTC, the
DCI, and the Pokemon Community as a whole by breaking
serious DCI Tournament rules?

If so, were these violations punishable by the DCI?

Was the punishment handed down by DCI equivilant to
similar rules violations?

The answers are:

Yes, you have already confessed your violations to DCI
and publicly.

Yes, it's well within DCI's authority to issue
punishment for these admitted rules violations.

Yes, the punishment you received was equivilant to
other similar rules violations, even more lenient than

If you really want some sympathy, you should stop
boasting of how great you are, how great your
apprentice is, and how he's going to win the WCSTS
undefeated, as if that's going to validate your
abilities and actions. Being a great player DOES NOT
make it "OK", or even "less wrong", for you to cheat.
You aren't the victim in this incident. You're the
perpetrator of wrong-doing, not the recipient. Stop
acting as if you are the person who has been wronged.

Instead, you should try apologizing to everyone you
have wronged, beginning with DCI and WOTC and ending
with everyone else that has ever played the game of
Pokemon. Accept responsibility for your actions.

Phil, you screwed up. I can understand how something
like this might happen. You rationalized to yourself
that you were "doing more good than harm", that you
thought you were helping a friend. But you still
cheated, and you were caught.

The reality is that you asked for and were granted a
position of authority and responsiblity. You then spat
upon it. You were punished appropriately. Take the
punishment that has been handed down.

If you think you can challenge it in a court of law,
then file the lawsuit and let a judge decide the
merits of your case. I don't think you have a
Snowball's chance in Hell, but it's your money. If you
want to hand it over to an Attorney to file a
frivolous lawsuit, knock yourself out. But please stop
parading yourself in front of us telling us how
someone else did it to you and that your punishment is
unjust. It's simply not true.

To Pojosama: I respectfully request that you not give
Phil Mondiello center stage again. In addition to the
points you made, he has had plenty of opportunities to
state his case. Every time, he confesses his
violations, and then stamps his feet like a 3-year old
child, demanding that he not be held accountable for

Thank you for providing the opportunity to rebut Mr.
Mondiello's statement.


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