I think the punishment should have taken an entirely different
spin...Everyone else has covered why he should be punished harshly, and I
agree...but here's my take on what should have happened if this was the only
thing that he did:

1.  1-2 year suspension (read the others before you chew me out)
2.  Phil's DCI rating drops 1,000 points
3.  No friends of Phil (his "Apprentices") may attend any DCI sanctioned
tournaments. (This one would be hard to enforce but would be a deathblow to

This way Phil would have to start all over for the most part, clawing his way
back to the top, and he couldn't get revenge for the time he's out because
his apprentice wouldn't be playing.  However, it also wouldn't be a "life"
ban as he put it.  This would cover his false tournament reports...

...however, there is one other thing he did that makes me think he should be
banned for life (not 4 years...LIFE) from the DCI, and playing Pokemon

When he was interviewed for the Top of the World, he pretty much had it all.  
I agreed with everything he said...except one thing, and I quote:

Ness: Do your friends/schoolmates know you play Pokémon? Does it give ya a
good/bad reputation?
Phil: I would NEVER tell anyone in my school I played Pokemon. I mean this is
a great game, but I don't think the girls would go near me if they knew I
played this game ;-/

Do we really want someone representing the Pokemon community who won't be an
advocate for the game?  Phil should not only be telling his schoolmates that
he plays, but training them also!  His study halls/lunches/free periods...ALL
of them...the first thing he should do is pull his decks out.  And as for
"the girls not going near you", Phil, your ideal mate is one who plays the
Pokemon TCG also, whether you like that idea or not.  You have had a duty to
make Pokemon into your life since you were number 1, Phil...you failed, and
you should be banned from ever touching a Pokemon card for the rest of your

Yeah, I know it's a bit extreme, but we shouldn't have people near this game
that won't try to promote it.

~Mike Lucas