My two children (ages 13 and 11) and I have been involved with Pokemon for
three years.  We belong to the league at the local WOTC store and compete in
tournaments regularly.  I have always stressed honesty and fair play with my
kids.  I have also taught them about being responsible for their actions, and
accepting the consequences when they make bad choices.  I am so glad that
Phil was made an example of.  It validates what we teach our kids about
honesty.  I find it hard to believe that Phil's offenses are as minor as he

Living in New Jersey, we have met Phil several times at tournaments.  His
lack of humility has always amazed me.  His letter did nothing to change my
opinion.  For his own good, I hope he gets real and eats a little crow.  A
swelled head can be quite a detriment in life.

Mike - Pokemon Parent