This is to all you who are bashin Phil into the center of the earth.  
Phil ADMITS what he i was wrong, so don't bash him.  What do you want him to
do, build a time machine to go back in time and not turn in the reports?  
Well, I don't think he can do that, because he isn't that smart.

      I don't know Phil, so he isn't asking me to type this, but please stop
bashing him.  Four(4) years was a little much, but I also think that 30-60
days wasn't enough.  he should get banned for 1 to 2 years at the most,
restart his ranking, and restart his friend that he help to.  I don't know
abou you guys, but I don't think Phil is goning to come back to Pokemon when
he's 17.  I know I won't be playing it then.  

 Mark Shocik

(*Please post this POJO, and don't put up this part =) )