Alright, I've read a lot about Phil.  He had the highest DCI rating and he
cheated to help someone he didn't know.  

Cheating is cheating, no matter how you look at it, but it doesn't always
mean you are a bad person.  I've never met Phil or have seen him before, but
as far as a 13 year old goes, I understand that he'd want to help a friend,
but Phil says that the guy wasn't a friend.  I, myself would have been
effected by what he'd done if I were in that age group, but let's face it, I
seriously believe this was his first time cheating, except maybe in small
games with friends.  I believe Phil is a good person and that he just made a
big mistake, but most of us haven't made a mistake like that yet, but we
will, so I forgive him.


      Jim Potter