Hey Pojo you guys rock!

        I think Phil messed up.  He signed the papers that said he accepted the rules and punishments for breaking those rules.  Obvously he didn't read the rules or he wouldn't have said the stupid things he said.  No lawyer in their right mind would take that case.  He sighned the papers therefore he accepts the punishment.  Its cut and dry.  Black and white right there.
        Another thing that makes me mad is that I am not one of the best Pokemon TCG players out there and this guy is making it easy for all of his friends.  If all the judges in the world did that for their friends all of my scratching and clawing to get to the top will have been for nothing.
        In conclusion, if anything Phil's 4 year suspension from the DCI was not enough. Psh, 30-60 days my white butt.  He should accept the punihment his stupid actions, shut his trap, and be happy he only got 4 years.  After all, if people like me ran the DCI,  he would be out longer than that.


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