Lets not make this "Our Suspension"

Well, I would like to say that I am very sick of this topic being brought up again. Why? Does anyone actually know if what Phil Mondeillo is feeding us, is true? Does anyone really care at this point? Nope...well the people who have voiced their opinion on it anyway. Myself, I have watched Phil change his story on this topic on our message boards and here, it isnt funny. I have come up with several conclusions:

  • It appears to me that Phil is making it EVERYONE'S matter...On the boards he wanted the issue dropped and made a topic about it. Now I go to Pojo.com earlier this evening and discover that he wrote up something about it. If he wants to be left alone, he should drop the topic himself, not bring it up...
  • This topic has absolutely nothing to do with the Pokemon TCG Game. I will repeat it again, nothing to do with the Pokemon TCG. This topic is about someone who cheated by sending in false reports (according to DCI) and wont admit the fact that he cant do anything about it...See my other Featured Article for more information how he cant do crap about it
  • People think this topic is important to the Pokemon TCG.

    Who is this important to? Phil Mondeillo. How about every put their energy into something they can help change, I could be spending my limited time working on our Gundam Site or writing an article about how Store chains ruined the Pokemon TCG League...
  • Everything that Phil has posted has one or more of his Pokemon TCG Accomplishments placed somewhere at the end or hidden inside the body like this quote of his:

    "What has happened to one of the best is my problem, and only mine."

    ...I believe you assume upon your superior performance as a player to save your rear. That was the same stance Clinton took, perhaps we could have Starr investigate?
  • Younger judges everywhere will now have a harder time probably in the future receiving trust from people and DCI will probably put a age limit on the Certified Magic Judges. Exactly like the Danny kid who played for the Bronx Little League. I'll also receive threatening Emails for the rest of my Pokemon Career...Why? I'm the only other widely known Phil M (McKinney). You've put a bad name on young judges and Phil M's.

Robcatpz, from our Message Boards, made a good point that this is between Phil and DCI, and no one elses. Everyone's view is different, and in this case, they really don't matter. People are making this into a larger problem when to begin with it should of just been kept quiet. Everyone's put enough cents in to retire happily, so lets do it. The subject should be closed, the statements won't change anything, just cause more havoc. Just let it die. Thanks!