Pojo's Pokemon Staffers

Hey all you PoJo Catz and Chicks out there. It’s me Thundachu with my 2nd article.In this article I look at all of the people who bring PoJo.com’s Pokemon Section alive. This article is on the PoJo Pokemon Staffers! It has all of the people’s names and their positions and an explanation about them. Now without any further or do the article.

PoJo: This guy has to be the most coolest guy on the web. He is the founder of Pojo.com and the PoJo Mag. Some people mistake this guy for Scott Gerhardt. PoJoSama is NOT Scott. Acctually now that I think of it, no one really knows who PoJo is. He is a mystery man.

Jackie: Most of you still probably remember Jackie. She was the formal News Person for the PoJo News. She was a great  person, but she quit doing PoJo News to spend more time with her family. She will always be known by all PoJo Fanatics.

(Pojo Note: Jackie got paid to do Pojo's News by the Pojo Magazine publisher.  When the magazine $ disappeared ... so did Jackie  ;-)   She was awesome at it though!!! )

Myuu: The News reporter currently for PoJo.com.He brings you the latest up to date coverage of what's going on in Pokemon, DBZ, Harry Potter, and Lycos Top 50. If there is something in the anime world, he  probably knows about it. 

(Pojo Note - I have been doing the news for about 5 months.  Myuu is coming back very soon!)

Chrisbo: Chrisbo is the guy who does all of those chat highlights/reports. He is usually at most of the Pokemon Wizard Of The Coast Pokemon chats. If you didnt get a chance to be at the chat, thanks to Chrisbo you can get the highlights at http://PKcompendium.hypermart.net, or get the reports in PoJo Featured Articles.

IRC Goliath: This dude gives us the Pokemon Check List downloadable in Microsoft Word. It is updated regularly so it has most of the released Pokemon Cards and sets.

Ness: Ness 0wnz j00 all! He does Card Of The Day (witch isnt updated much anymore) and writes some articles for Featured Article Section. Frankly, I think he is the coolest guy on earth! Ness also runs the On Top Of The World section of PoJo Pokemon. Oh and he is a Deck Mech. This kid does it all!

Thundachu: Well duh! Thats me! I am a Featured Article writer for PoJo. I havent officially been accepted to the PoJo staff,but I am trying to.

AbraKris: Our PoJo.com toy leader! This guy brings us the 411 on all the latest Pokemon toys. Heck! He even has his own section PoJo’s Toy Box.

RaNd0m: RaNd0m is the newest staff member to PoJo.com. He writes the RaNd0m Reports. He updates as much as he can. Right now he is working on Set Saga for Jungle. RaNd0m is Da Bomb! Does anyone say that anymore? Ok... RaNd0m is 1337(elite)

Brett Larwick: Waaaahh... Brett is no longer with PoJo. If you have no idea who he is, you will recognize him by this name, Kitty Fox. He did Price Guides and Deck Mechanic. Thou shall miss thee.

(Pojo Note: Bret actually started our Digimon site ... but no longer maintains that)

ClefairyDoll: No longer works for PoJo. Was a deck Mechanic once, is now married to Scott Gerhardt. Now 0wnz their own website www.gerhardt.cx.

GLitcH: GLH was once a deck Mechanic and now runs the Killer Deck section of PoJo. GLH really doesnt like Scott Gerhardt because he confronted GLH and said he was to young to be an SOp on #PoJo. We dont really see GLH that much on PoJo anymore.GLH also made the Pokemon Apprentice Patch.

(Pojo Note:  Glitch no longer does the Killer Decks section.  I do.  Glitch quit doing that about 6 months ago???  He was good at it, but got bored of it)

Edo: Sort of a ½ staff member. He and JhonothanNG are the greatest Japanese card translaters that ever lived. He provides Spoilers for some of the Japanese cards.

Greg Hodgkinson: He is one of the Spoiler people. He has given us Spoilers of most of the recently released Japanese Pokemon Cards,such as the “E” set. He also does Price Guides.

(Pojo Note:  Greg is frickin' awesome!!!  :-)

Glenn: This person really doesn't work for PoJo. I just thought I would put her in because she does give us alot of information on Japanese cards. Glenn acctually works for www.pocketmonsters.com

(Pojo Note - Glenn is guy!  LOL ... and Glenn owns Japanime.com

Gordon Kane: When he worked for PoJo he did On Top Of The World. He no longer works for PoJo Pokemon anymore.

Beedrill300: This guy is the person who took the job of PoJo Patch. He created PoJo Patch version 3.7. Though, there is a rumor going around that there is a virus in it, I highly dont believe that.

(Pojo Note ... Hmmm ... Scott should be #2 at least on this list?  LOL ... I'll take care of Scott later ... )

We are now finally to the Deck Mechanics. Some of the top people who run PoJo.

Gymbo: Sorry. I dont really know much about Gymbo. He is one of the newer deck mechanics of PoJo.com. Does a really great job at PoJo Pokemon.

Rain: Actually I just met Rain today on mIRC. He is a pretty nice guy and does a GREAT job on modifying decks. Go Gym!!

Tom:Tom runs the deck garage Tom’s Bunker. As of November 17 2001 this guy was the #2 Pokemon TCG player. This guy is not Tom Hanley who won the 1st STS. 

(Pojo Note - It's Tom LaFleur ... and he serves our country overseas!)

CRIMINAL: This guy is a great deck mechanic. He has a great sense of humor. Fixes sux0rs decks into WONDERFUL decks.

TJL0: TJL0 run’s TJ’s Tanning Booth. He is a great TCG player and does a great job working on Deck fixes at PoJo.com.

Tony: Tony doesnt really work for PoJo.com. I just put him in because he created the PoJo Script for mIRC. This script has no public release and is not on PoJo.com downloads. In fact, the only way to get it is ask Tony on #Pojo via chat. But, he does have a chance to turn you down.

Now this brings us to the inactive Mechanics witch we remember today.

Aaron: He ran Arron’s School of Higher Learning. I have no idea who he is. sorry.

(Pojo Note: Aaron Teare is a personal friend, and is now a Deck Mech on our Magic site!!!)

Beedrill300: He ran Beedrill’s Hive. He is no longer a deck Mechanic but still does a lot of stuff in the PoJo site.

Bryan: =/ Who the heck is he? He ran Bryan’s Beach. Sorry I have no info what so ever on him.

Chipmunk: Chipmunk was one of the legendary Deck Mechanics. He now has absolutely nothing to do with PoJo anymore,but we still remember him. He used to run Chipmunk’s Chatter. Chipmunk 0wnz j00!Chipmunk is also in The Deck Mechanic's Hall Of Fame. Great going. We will always remember Chipmunk.

(Pojo Note: Chippy now works for Score, and helps out on the DBZ CCG!!!)

CJ: Um... CJ. He used to run CJ’s Hangar Bay. I dont know anything about CJ. sorry

Crash: Crash, sorry I don't seem to know much about these inactive mechanics. I wasn't online when they exsisted. I know some of them though. Crash used to be the owner of Crash’s Landing. He is in the Deck Mechanic's Hall Of Fame along with Chipmunk.

(Pojo Note:  Crash now helps out on our Message Board)

Crim’s Grim Gym: I don't know, but I think that is CRIMINAL, he is a Deck Mecahnic right now though. If it’s not CRIMINAL that I have nothing about this person. Sorry.

Doll: aka ClefairyDoll used to be a deck mechanic, a good one at that. In fact, was my favorite. She left the garage a long time ago. She is now married to Scott Gerhardt.

Dux: He ran the Dialapitated Dex. Thats all I know.

El Ravenger: He ran ER. Thats all I know.

(Pojo Note: El Ravenger is Josh!  Josh was one of the first DM's and is also in our Hall of Fame)

Griffen: I have very little memory of this person. He ran Griffin's Guild.

IQ: This person was also known as Isreal. He was in the STS #1.He ran IQ’s Test. I think he should have been a Hall Of Famer, but it’s not me decision.

(Pojo Note: IQ - A Hall of Famer?  I like IQ ... but his lifetime reviews total less than 10?  IQ now works for Score with El Ravager and Chippy ... and writes articles for our DBZ site).

GLitcH: lolz. He ran GLitcH’s Gastly Garage. More info up the page.

FlareonMaster: I only know him from #PoJo. I didnt even know he was a Deck Mecahnic. =/ shows what I know.

Jared: who?

Jedi: Jedi’s jerkwater Jungle. That's a very interesting name. Hm... I wonder who he was.

Kitty Fox: He ran Kitty Fox’s Key Foundations. Nice guy really.

Mayo: Ran Mayo’s Clinic. No longer with PoJo.

Murcuery: I have no idea who this person is.

Monkey: He is now known as MrMonkey33. Did a great job at tuning decks and fixing them to suit people. Great guy. He ran Monkey’s Mental Hospital.

Moss: I know him from mIRC. I remember when he was a mechanic and an article writer. Ran Moss’ Moose Lodge.

ReHd: Who on earth??? Cool name for a garage though, ReHd’s Rehab.

Scott: Scott Gerhardt. He was a deck mechanic? I didnt know this. All of these people were before I got the internet and discovered PoJo. 

(Pojo Note:  Scott deserves more than this little Side Note!!!!  Scott was way more important than any other people on this!  Scott posted more stuff on this site beard hair's on Osama Bin Laden's face!  Scott was a Pojo God.  Now he works on our MTG site!)

Spike: An article writer. A deck Mechanic. Also known as SpikeTheMissinThorp on mIRC #PoJo.

Tyler: The last Deck Mechanic in the Hall Of Fame. I never met him but I hear that he was great when he was with PoJo. Great job Tyler!!!

TJ: TJ is a Deck Mech again!!!!

Underdog: Hm... Underdog or ShoeShineBoy, he was known by both. Only with PoJo’s Apprentice League now.

Wood: ....


Finally I am done. My next article will be Set Saga on the Apprentice PoJo set!


·         Thundachu