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My Suspension - by Phil Mondiello 

Dear players,             

            After these past few weeks, I have obviously been questioned as
a player, Judge, etc. On July 20th, 2001, I was officially suspended from the
Duelist' Convocation International
(DCI) organization for the infraction of
False Tournament Reports and Providing False Information to the DCI. I don't
know if you herd the story or know bits and pieces about it, but I helped a
player I hardly knew get a  BYE at the ECSTS. Now I'm not quite sure if he
got that BYE, but ether way I knew it was wrong.

Elaine Chase, the head judge for the 11-14 division at the ECSTS called me
for a very expected investigation. Without hesitation, I told her I did wrong
and was sorry for it and any damage I caused the DCI and their rating system.
She said that was fine, and she would tell Jeff Donais (Publisher of Sideboard
magazine, and basically the head guy) what happened, and she would send me a
mail about this before anything.

I was expecting a 30-60 day suspension because of my age and the size of the
infraction since my mistake wasn't "False Tournament Reports". I was quite
fine and I figured I deserved the break I would be getting.

A few weeks after that call I was told by a player at Alternate Realm I was
on the suspension list for four (4) years. Hesitant to believe this at first,
I automatically went home with Steve M. Sperling to check this out. Sure
enough, I was bumped to the NEW list on the DCI Suspension list.

After that I ranted and raved to DCI for a few days after until they called
me back. Unfortunately I was not home, and my father took the call and
answered to his knowledge. He told me that there wasn't too much hope left,
that's when the Legal Authorities were called. The meeting with the lawyers
wasn't a complete success, they said basically all I can do was send
consistent mail.

Mr. Zantides and Mr. Grant from the DCI have been emailing me, and I've been
emailing back. For some reason they would rather ignore my question of "can I
get back in before Im 17". Strange isn't it?

Well, for those of you who think Im a "cheater", and don't deserve my 2233
Pokemon Constructed rating, I can guarantee I gained it legitimately, and
deserved it. Might I ad I lost the chance to go the the Tropical Mega Battle
(TMB) because of this.

Don't forget I Top 2'd and 4'd at the ECSTS, going 8-1 in the Swiss rounds.
Needs skill to do that, and if that didn't convince you, Im training an
apprentice to win the next STS. Well, actually make Top 2 on the first day,
make a formal concession, and then win the next day. Undeafted I might add.

Will I be at the next STS? Yes, I will be at San Diego, but there only to
talk to the DCI judges about this matter in person so they can't avoid the

Well, just some more information for the public, and hopefully this will
change some of your minds and realize Im actually a good person, and player,
and that we all make mistakes.
J. Mondiello
Former #1"
P.S. I just got my Magic Player Rewards card and promos in. How ironic HUH??