Pojo's Pokemon Staffers

After reading the article by fellow IRC chatter Thundachu, I decided to write a few corrections of my own about some people I know

RaNd0m - a very good friend of mine. Recently recieved an Aop in the #pojo  channel, and a Tourney Director. wtg Jon :) He's a cool dude and should  serve pojo well.

GLitcH - Okay, this is TOTALLY wrong. GLH quit in pojo because of an age dispute with Scott about someone else in a different pojo channel. He came back, then after a dispute over firings of the server staff, he left again. Is seen in #GCN, where he counts down important dates. :D

Rain - Nothing said wrong about Rain, but he's soooo cool I need to say more :P. Rain is a big wrestling fan, as we talked about for long periods of time back in the good ol' days. We even started on a "DDP" script together, 
because DDP simply 0wnz :D. Now plays a TCG Online at MD called FullyLoaded, created by Tony. Check it out at #wwffullyloaded.

TJL0 - TJ is awesome :D a Pojo Op, and a staff member at MediaDriven. He was just promoted to IRCop there. Go TJ :)

Beedrill300 - a Ladder admin for the Pojo league, a Pojo op, MediaDriven staff member, and a cool dude :P.

Well, That would just about wrap it up. Thanks for readin.