RE: Pokemon: Past or Future?

I read the article that was posted on the pojo, about Pokemon, past or future.  I know exactly what you are saying, Pokemon, as of now, shows no signs of slowing down, but you are right, what attracted people to Pokemon was the cuteness, the innocents, and the charm.  With the arrival of gold/silver, new, stronger, technical, pokemon will be released, BUT there shall still be cute one, there will still be the so called uncute ones.
    I also agree with your thoughts about the tv show, it hasnt been very good latley.  Ash never catches any rare Pokemon, and team rocket always messes up everything that is going to be a GOOD battle.
    I would also like to point out a LARGE factor that you are wrong about, as you have probally noticed, digimon, is rising, fast, running neck and neck with Pokemon. But what attracted people to Digimon.  It wasnt the cuteness, the innocents, the charm, it was the all out strenth, the huge, vicous monsters, the all out beast of it.  So, I believe Pokemon will gain some new fans when it releases its huge, big guns.  Because that is what attracted people to digimon, the huge powerful beast.
    So, sense Pokemon is keeping all of its cute ones, and releasing some more cute ones, AND it is releasing some large technical monsters, I think Pokemon will be larger that life.

                                             Americanmew, Good Day,