Banning cards ....


 I would like to send my congratulations and support to Mr. Mumford, but there is no email address listed for him.  Do you know if Mr. Mumford wishes response, of any sort, to his fine “open letter” that was presented as a resent Featured Article?

In Mr. Mumford’s letter to WotC, DCI, Hasbro, and Nintendo, he expresses many of my concerns.  I am a 41 year young Pokemon parent and enthusiast.  I have been a volunteer at the local Pokemon League since January of this year.  During this time I have learned a great deal about the game, filled out Pokemon League paper work and corresponded with WotC, instructed and coached league members, and helped organize one DCI sanctioned tournament.  So I fully understand Mr. Mumford’s concern with the corporate entities of the Pokemon TCG and their apparent disregard for the complexity of game play, which includes those who must instruct and coach players on the game.

Since I am relatively new to the Pokemon TCG and the Pokemon League, I continue to have optimistic thoughts about the advancement of the game, changes that would benefit tournament organization, judging, and instructing, and a greater emphasis put on quality control when manufacturing the TCG cards.  This is not to say that Mr. Mumford’s comments were pessimistic in nature, just that anyone could become thus, when confronted with the above mentioned corporation’s blatant disregard for their customer base.

Bravo Zulu Mr. Mumford!

Brad Baker

Pokemon TCG League volunteer

Toys R Us - Salem, Oregon