Pokemon: Past or Future?

Dear Pojo,

My name is Mike Zhang, and after being a Pokemon Fan for 2 years now, Iíve been wondering if Pokemon will be just another one of those things like Sailor Moon or Dragon Ball Z, which will die slowly as time goes on. Iíve also been thinking about the thing that makes Pokemon so successful and different from those. Is it the Charm?  The Innocence? The cute creatures? Or the concept?

Iíve found it to be many of those aspects. Alot of it has to do with itís Charm, cuteness, and Innocence.  Pokemon has been targeted for younger kids, (iím 14 myself) much of it has to do with the creatures. They are cute, and also with unique abilities. With a solid concept behind it. However, as time runs on, the cuteness aspect has been losing ground. With the slowness of new episodes, and the introduction of Rocket Pokemon and Gold, much of it has gone......uncute? If there is such a thing. But by looking at the episodes, itís gone bland and boring.  With no introduction to really new pokemon, or a good catch by Ash, or even a good battle. Perhaps the best new episode (in my opinion) is the introductory rocket episode. Where Cassidy and Butch use drowzee to control pokemon. And that it self is a rare treat.

Now looking at the introduction of Gold and Siler.  Itís pokemon, ideas, and concept have gotten glided over the cute level. The pokemon itself are either ugly, mean, critical, or technical. (the new ones) Of course, there are exceptions like Marril. But sadly not many. If the Pokemon continues to mature in the aspects, there is a chance that it will lose what it had that made it incredibly loving, fun, and successful.

Yes, im suppose complaining a little here, (hehe), but it seems like since last year, Pokemon has slowed and slowed. I suppose it will continue for maybe a couple years, but will it be another short episode of Dragon Ball (still warm... but colder each year) or a continuing smash like The Simpsons.

Iíd like to know what others feel about this subject.

        Mike Z