Wotc Chat – 6/29

Another scorcher on the chat lines this week; over 400+ questions were asked this week (wow!).  Also, there seemed to be quite a few participants from the UK this week; sounds like Pokemon is really starting to pick up over there. 

Other than the usual card rulings and the inability to comment on cards that they haven’t released yet (way too many repeats on those questions), here are the main highlights and announcements:

Here’s some new Super Trainer Showdown (STS) info from the WotC chat on 6/29:

·        Master_Trainer_Mike says, “First here is the TENTATIVE east Coast Mall Tour schedule. It is still being worked on and will most likely change but we wanted to give you an idea anyway:”

·        Master_Trainer_Mike says, “August 26-27 Troy, MI”

·        Master_Trainer_Mike says, “Sept 9-10 Towson, MD”

·        Master_Trainer_Mike says, “Sept 16-17 Cincinnati, OH”

·        Master_Trainer_Mike says, “Sept 23-24 Schaumburg, IL”

·        Master_Trainer_Mike says, “Sept 30-Oct 1 Independence, MO”

·        Master_Trainer_Mike says, “October 7-8 Alpharetta, GA”

·        Master_Trainer_Mike says, “October 14-15 Braintree, MA”

·        Master_Trainer_Mike says, “October 21-22 King of Prussia, PA”

·        Master_Trainer_Mike says, “October 28-29 Nanuet, NY”

·        Master_Trainer_Mike says, “Nov 4-5 Miami, FL”

·        Master_Trainer_Mike says, “And last, we want to clarify about the STS. It is not a DCI sanctioned event (since it is tied in so closely with the Pokemon League) but it WILL follow and be run using the DCI floor rules along with the judging system.”

·        Master_Trainer_Mike says, “The STS is very closely tied in with the Pokemon League which is NOT a DCI sanctioned event. Since many of the players coming have not ever taken part in an actual sanctioned event it was deemed that it would be too introsive to do so. However, we will be following the DCI floor rules and judge system to help maintain a fair and fun tournament for all.”

·        Master_Trainer_Mike says, “If you have earned 3 badges and plan on going to the STS please bring your badge book along as verification.”

And some other juicy bits o’ pulp:

24. will there be a tropical mega battle?

·        Master_Trainer_Mike says, “Yup, In August in Hawaii.”

 27. How many people will win trips to the tropical mega battle?

·        Master_Trainer_Mike says, “No info on the Tropical Mega Battle is available yet, sorry.”

 100. Will you guys make the Ancient Mew english or stay egyptian?

·        Master_Trainer_Mike says, “It will still be in its own odd hieroglyphic type lingo. You will be able to do an activity at the League to learn the transaltion though.”

 Gym News:

182. there were 94 cards in the japanese gym1 and will be 132 in english, does this mean WotC is making new cards? or just taking cards from gym2?

·        Master_Trainer_Pat says, “Gym: Heroes is basically a combination of Gym 1 & 2 from Japan.”

 273. what about Gym Villans, if Gym 1 and 2 are together?

·        Master_Trainer_Mike says, “Gym Challenge (its called) will be the last 2 gym sets combined.”

·        Master_Trainer_Mike says, “Gym Heroes out in August, Gym Challenge out in October, Neo still under negotiation.”

 205. Has it been determined whether WotC will have Preconstructed Gym Leader decks?

·        Master_Trainer_Pat says, “Yes, we will, though I still don’t know how close to the original Japanese Pre-con decks these will be.”

 And the final word:

219. How old is the oldest person you know that plays the Pokémon TCG?

·        Master_Trainer_Pat says, “A grandma called me on the Game Support line the other day that was 73...and yes, she knew how to play!”

 {Chrisbo edit: Wow, and I thought that I was the oldest player at 35; maybe I should start teaching my mom how to play the game <grin>.  I still think that we should start pushing for a “seniors division” for ages 30+.  There are plenty of us out here...}