Wow!! This was some chat today!  In addition to the regular Q&A, the big buzz was about the preliminary details for the Super Trainer Showdown (STS) on July 22 at the Queen Mary in Long Beach CA.  All the details have not been finalized yet, but here are the main points from the opening announcements courtesy of Master_Trainer_Mike (aka “the Weedle guy”):

·        “There will be NO admission fees charged for this event.”

·        “There will also be King of the Hill Tournaments and various other side events.”

·        “You must bring your badge book with three stamps, or an invitation from a tournament win to participate in the main event.”

·        “The main event is swiss format.”

·        “Three age categories: 10 & under, 11-14, and 15 and up.”

·        “The 15 and up catagory can use cards up to and including the Team Rocket set.”

·        “The 10 and under and 11-14 catagories will be required to play with Base set and Jungle cards only.” {NOTE: This really got the most buzz on the chat; I’ll explain later...}

·        “Every player in this tournament will receive a minimum gift of a tee-shirt and Tournament certificate.”

·        “Three fist place winners ( one from each age division) will receive a Gold Medal, 32 boosters, and a “Master Trainer Champion” Event Jacket and Cap.”

·        “Three second place winners ( one from each age division) will receive a Silver Medal, 28 boosters, and an Event Jacket and Cap.”

·        “Six third place winners ( one from each age division) will receive a Bronze Medal, 20 boosters and an Event Jacket and Cap.”

·        “Twelve fourth place finishers (four from each division will receive a Tournament Plaque, 16 boosters, and an Event Cap.”

·        “Twenty-four fifth place winners (eight from each division) will receive a Tournament Certificate and 12 boosters.”

·        “Forty-eight sixth place winners (16 from each division) will receive a Tournament Certificate and 8 boosters.”

·        “Four hundred Sixteen runners up will each receive a Tournament Certificate.”

There was also some info on a Mall Tour date change:

·        “The June 24-25th Mall Tour stop in Oklahoma City has been changed to Houston, TX.”

·        “The correct location for this event will be: The Woodlands Mall, 1201 Lake Woodlands Dr., Houston”       “(281)363-3363.”

*   {NOTE: Later he said that “The Mall that it was scheduled in for

Oklahoma City canceled it on us so we had to relocate it quickly.”}

And some info on the upcoming Pokemon Movie 2000 promo cards:

·        “The Pokemon 2k movie promo cards will be: Ancient Mew, Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres. During the movie’s first week of release only the Ancient Mew will be given out while supplies last.=20

·        After the first week, the Legendary Bird promo cards will be given out. Once again while supplies last. The Legendary Bird promos all look unigue as far as artwork and card text are concerned.”

Here are some additional tidbits that were not part of the “official announcements”, but were part of the regular chat questions:

New Gym information:

Q: When will Gym Leader sets come out?

A: Master_Trainer_Pat says, “Gym:Heroes-August and Gym:Challenge:October.”

Q: In the upcoming Gym Series, will there be holo and non-holo forms of the same card?

A1: Master_Trainer_Mike says, “Nope.”

A2: Master_Trainer_Mike says, “Looks like it will be more like the Base set with different holo and non-holo rares.”

Q1: Wll there be a holo in each gym pack

Q2: Will there be always a holo or 1/3 like now on the gyms?  A: Master_Trainer_Pat says, “No, the holos will be distributed as normal; it will be one out of 3 like before.

Movie Promo Cards:

·        Ancient Mew has no number on it, Moltres will be #21, and Zapdos is #23.  They haven’t seen the Articuno yet, but they’re guessing that it will be #22.

·        The Legendary birds will not be available until after the first week of the movie.


A lot of people were really frustrated to hear that the under 15 age classifications can only play with Base (1 or 2) & Jungle cards.  The explanation for this was because the STS is going to have participants from the European Tournament winners and Fossil & Team Rocket have not been released over there yet.  When several people complained that “it’s unfair” and “we’ll be ruined”, the debate got rather heated.  Here are some of the things the MT’s had to say about it:

·        Master_Trainer_Mike says, “Why is it tourture? A good player should be able to compete in a variety of formats. Take it as a challenge to out think and out create your opponents.”

·        Master_Trainer_Mike says, “Gang, you have had the Base and Jungle cards for over 1 ˝ years, they just got the cards within the last 6 months.”

·        Master_Trainer_Mike says, “To be a true competitor in tournaments you should be able to build decks and compete in a variety of limited formats. This has always been the case with Magic and the other major TCG’s.”

·        Master_Trainer_Mike says, “If you want Pokemon to be taken seriously for competition, this is the way it is sometimes done.”

·        Master_Trainer_Mike says, “Keep in mind gang, that the rules on the event (as far as what cards can or can’t be played) MIGHT change. If it does, of course we will tell you about it.”

·        Master_Trainer_Mike says, “If you would rather that we DON’T say ANYTHING until it is confirmed (so we don’t have to keep defending ourselves) then we can just keep silent .”

·        Master_Trainer_Mike says, “Kay??”

·        Master_Trainer_Mike says, “Let’s all play nicely in the sand box together shall we??”

·        Master_Trainer_Mike says, “Next question.”

Now having a Rocket-based deck myself, I can understand why people can get frustrated about it.  But on the other hand, like they said, you have to be able to compete in a variety of different formats (now where did I put that old Farfetch’d...).  The Japanese contenders had to deal with the same thing in last years “Tropical Mega Battle” when dealing with the Americans; think about that for a moment.

And here’s a description of one of the side events that will be at the STS:

Q: What is the King of the Hill Tournament?

A: Master_Trainer_Mike says, “It starts with 48 players, 24 will win. Those 24 stay to play another 24. This continues until each person loses once (and they are done) or they win 3 games. Then the best records and score will win overall.”

Other highlights:

·        Holo Eevee Promo #11 will be available through Pokemon Leage beginning with Season 7 (Volcano Badge).

·        Biggest unconfirmed rumor is that they may be working plans for an English version of Birthday Pikachu (“There are possible plans yes” and “Maaaybe......”)

·        They are working on organizing another “Tropical Mega Battle” (US vs Japan) like last year, but no details yet.

·        Still no details on an East Coast trainer tour, but they’re working on it and there will eventually be one.

·        There was one Guest chat account (Qu. #146) that claimed to be “Scott Gerhardt, Assistant Webmaster for Pojo.com” (hmm, “Imposter Professor Scott” <grin>).

 (Pojo Note:  no .. I don’t think it was an imposter … I was on the phone with Scott when he decided to log in.  ;)

 That’s all for this week,