WOTC Chat Summary report - 8/03/00

Well, with the "Gym:Heroes Pre-Release Tournament" scheduled for this
weekend, and only about a week & a half until Gym: Heroes is released, the
bulk of this week's chat was about trying to pry details out of the MT's
about the upcoming Gym cards (most of which you probably already know if
you're a regular reader of this site). But there were a few other
highlights to note as well:

East Coast STS:

Master_Trainer_Mike says, "We are looking into sanctioning the East Coast
Mall Tour qualifiers and the East Coast STS. So playing in them will effect
your DCI rating if this goes through."

Q. Any info on the East Coast STS? Date/Location?
A. Master_Trainer_Mike says, "Sometime in November most likely. Beyond that
nothing signed yet."

Q. do you know exactly where the east super trainer showdown will be?
A. Master_Trainer_Pat says, "We have a good idea, we just can't announce it

Q. Does the rule about showing up if you have 3 badges apply to the East
Coast STS?
A. Master_Trainer_Mike says, "I haven't been told but my guess is yes."

Q. Will Heroes cards be legal in the upcoming STS East Qualifiers?
A. Master_Trainer_Mike says, "Yup."

Tropical Mega Battle 2000:

Master_Trainer_Mike says, "Many people have asked how do you get invited to
the Tropical Mega Battle. Simple, the top 12 ranked players between the
ages of 10-14 will receive an invitation. This event is happening
specifically to interface with Japanese players that are being sent over
with Creatures Inc. It is a smaller event and thus will not have qualifiers
for it."

Q. When is this years tropical mega battle?
A. Master_Trainer_Mike says, "Next month."
[Ed.Note: unofficial sources say Aug.26-27]

Q. How can you get to the tropical mega trainer battle? can you win any
A. Master_Trainer_Mike says, "Only by invitation."

Q. Why do 15+ people not get to go to the Tropical Mega Battle?
A. Master_Trainer_Mike says, "This is an event set up to interface with
Creatures Inc form Japan (the people who made the game) and they only want
kids ages 11-14 to participate."

Q. Will there be a arctic mega tournament for Alaska?
A. Master_Trainer_Mike says, "Hmmmm,......no."

Gym Heroes Pre-Release Tournament (Aug.5th)

Q. Are the boosters at the pre release tornament 1st edition or unlimited
A. Master_Trainer_Pat says, "I'm guessing they'll be unlimited"

Q. Will you be able to buy packs of gym heroes at the pre release tournament
A. Master_Trainer_Mike says, "Nope."

Q. Will there be a prize for the winners of gym heroes prerelease
tournaments? If so , what?
A. Master_Trainer_Mike says, "That ultimately is up to the store running the

Q. Why not pairings in the Gym Heroes tournament? That way you can prevent
experienced players from feeding off the less-experienced.
A. Master_Trainer_Mike says, "The point of the Release event is primarily to
sneak some new cards to the public so they can see them early. It is not
really intended as a competitive tournament (it is not sanctioned)."

Q. What is the maximum amount of people that are supposed to come to a
prerelease tourney
A. Master_Trainer_Mike says, "36-54 (up to the store to decide)."

Q. At the Gym Heros Prerelease Tournament will you be able to use cards you
traded for? (Like say I got a Misty's Seadra and traded for an LT. Surge's
Electabuzz. Could I use the Buzz?)
A. Master_Trainer_Mike says, "Technically you are only supposed to use your
deck and the cards form the boosters you are given. It would be up to your
store to decide the specifics."

Gym Heroes/Challenge cards:

Q. When will Gym:Heros come out? On the website, it once said Aug. 7th, but
it says Aug.14th now.
A. Master_Trainer_Mike says, "August 14th as far as I know."

Q. When will the second Gym Heroes set be released?
A. Master_Trainer_Mike says, "Gym Challenge will be out in October."

Q. How many cards does Gym Heroes consist of??
A. Master_Trainer_Mike says, "132"

Q. How many of different rarity are in each pack (ex.: 4 commons 3 uncommons
Master_Trainer_Pat says, "7 common, 3 uncommon, 1 rare. One common will be

Q. How many different energy cards are in the Gym Heroes Set?
Master_Trainer_Mike says, "Just the 6 basic energy types."
[Ed.Note: Hmm, no DCE's???]

Q. How many rare cards do you get in a gym booster
A. Master_Trainer_Pat says, "1"

Q. What are the odds of getting a holo in a Gym: Heores packs
A. Master_Trainer_Mike says, "Same as usual, 1 in 3."

Q. Is Gym Heros going to have the same foil patteren as Base1-Fossil?
A. Master_Trainer_Mike says, "Roughly the same, yes."
Q. Rumor has it that you will be using the old foil patterns for Gym, the
same as Base-Fossil. Is this correct?
A. Master_Trainer_Pat says, "No."
[Ed.Note: Somebody give me a Full Heal; I'm confused... Guess we'll just
have to wait and see.]

Q. Are the bottom of the cards going to keep the style and add a pokedex box
where the head is supposed to go?
A1. Master_Trainer_Mike says, "Nope, the heads are on the cards."
A2. Master_Trainer_Pat says, "The weakness/resistance/retreat stuff is moved
over slightly."

Q. Gym: Heroes is missing many cards from the original Gym 1. Do you have
any plans to use the missing cards in Gym: Challenge?
A. Master_Trainer_Pat says, "Yea, the way it worked out is that the cards
from the original sets will be spread out among the two sets"

Q. You mention that Gym: Heroes isn't out yet, but technically it is. The
spoiler was already released in the recent TopDeck issue. :)
A. Master_Trainer_Mike says, "Right! The spoiler was, the cards are not out

Q. Any news on the Gym PCDs? (Pre-Constructed Decks)
A. Master_Trainer_Pat says, "Rares in Hero's decks: Misty's = Misty's
Tentacruel and Misty (trainer card), Brock = Brock's Rhydon and Brock
(trainer card), Lt. Surge = Lt. Surge's Magneton and Lt.Surge (trainer
card), Erika = Erika's Vileplume and Erika (trainer card)."

Q. What kind of coin is in Gym Heroes theme decks?
A. Master_Trainer_Pat says, "Starmie"

Q. What will come after GYM challenge?
A. Master_Trainer_Mike says, "Nothing announced yet..........."

Promo cards:

Master_Trainer_Pat says, "There will be a foil-stamped Misty's Psyduck card
with issue #10 of Top Deck magazine."

Q. What is promo #19 ?
A. Master_Trainer_Pat says, "We don't know yet."

Q. How do I get a Misty's Seadra?
A. Master_Trainer_Mike says, "Either join the league and do the activity or
just stop by a league location and the do the activity (don't have to

Q. What will be the next promo card after the DK persian?
A. Master_Trainer_Mike says, "Well there is the Team Rocket Meowth for
season 8 in the league, and you can try to earn Promo Psyduck and Cool
Porygon in the Victory Road season after that."

Q. What kind of Psyduck is promo #20? (Is it the same as the fossil
A. Master_Trainer_Mike says, "Sorry, no specific info on it yet."

Pokemon League:

Q. How long will the victory road season be?
A. Master_Trainer_Mike says, "6 weeks as usual."

Q. What will happen if I don't have all 8 badges in Victory Road? (Will I
still get a Victory Road book?, How will I get the promos?)
A. Master_Trainer_Mike says, "You will have the chance to keep trying to
earn your missing badges during Victory road season. You can only get the
book if you have all 8 badges though."

Q. Any info after the league Victory Road season?
A. Master_Trainer_Mike says, "We are working on year 2 of the league but
nothing official to announce yet."

Other stuff:

Q. What was the final Weedle count for the Space Weedle?
A. Master_Trainer_Mike says, "Last count was close to 900. I will be
building a wall of weedles to place behind the Space Weedle (to help
accentuate it), feel free to keep sending Weedles :)So the world can see who
you are. There are pictures of it on my web site at
http://home.earthlink.net/~seawolven ."

That's about it for this week. Good luck to all who are participating in
the Gym Pre-Release Tournament.