Extremely Powerful Mew & Mewtwo

I am writing in a suggestion for attacks to give to Mewtwo and Mew for Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow.

These attack combinations have never failed for me and they may not fail for you (if you use it wisely). Here are the attack combinations:


Thunderbolt (or Blizzard)






Body Slam (or any Normal, Fighting, Ground, Rock, or Flying attack)

Swords Dance

Double Team



With Mewtwo, use Amnesia twice, then attack with Thunderbolt (or Blizzard) or Psychic (depending on the type of the defending Pokémon). I originally gave Mewtwo Thunderbolt so it can do well against Psychic/Water types. You could use Blizzard, if you like, to do well against Exeggutor. Using Amnesia twice makes Mewtwo’s Special at a dangerously high level. Mewtwo will be virtually invulnerable to any Grass, Poison, Electric, Psychic (especially), Water, or Fire type attacks, since those rely on the Special stat. Note that Special deals with how powerful your Pokémon can use Special Attacks and how well it can defend against Special Attacks. If the opponent manages to get your HP low, you could simply Recover. This Mewtwo can easily take out other Mewtwos, unless they also have Amnesia. I have defeated a large line of Pokémon teams of six Pokémon with this single Mewtwo. Also, you must make sure that your particular Mewtwo has a relatively high Speed stat, because being able to go first each turn against a wide variety of Pokémon can be very important.

If Mewtwo fails, use Mew (if you have one), to back it up. Use seven Double Teams first. The opponent wouldn’t be able to get hardly any hits off of Mew.  Then use three Swords Dances to boost Mew’s Attack stat to unheard of levels.  Then attack. Sure, it does take ten turns before Mew really attacks, so that’s why my Mew has Softboiled. Softboiled is exactly like Recover. If the opponent hurts Mew, Mew can just use Softboiled. Softboiled is very important to teach to a Pokémon if you have the chance. Only Chansey and Mew can learn Softboiled via TM 41. Keep in mind that the attack you choose Mew to have with have to depend on you. A Normal attack won’t do anything to Ghost types and is weak against Rock types. A Ground attack won’t effect Flying types and isn’t very effective against Grass and Bug types. A Fighting attack won’t effect Ghost types and isn’t very effective against Poison, Flying, Psychic, and Bug types. A Rock attack (which would have to be Rock Slide) isn’t very effective against Fighting and Ground types.

Of course there are some ways to defeat Mew and Mewtwo, but everyone I have ever faced (which is a lot of people) don’t seem to know about them. I hope this advice can help some trainers so that I can finally have a formidable opponent.

From Michael

Levesque, Pokémon Trainer