Wotc Disorganized 

It was so funny to read one of the parents complain about the showdown tournament. I have two sons with me and we were there before 8:00 AM. I was told to have my sons separated in the line as the other one have an invitation (the oldest) and the other have “badges” only to join the tournament. The oldest was able to get in after waiting for one and half hours and I have to stay with my other son and continue to wait in line.  It was amazing how other people cut to our lines after moving to the next line. There was also a commotion that we were told we have to move back behind the fence.

After getting in the third phase of the line and waiting for another hour we were told that they stopped accepting registration and they wont even let me in to check what is going on with my other son!

Oh yeah, my oldest son had a lot of fun and without thinking that his little brother was still outside and was very disappointed for the whole thing. I know some of the people got in together. Me as a fool, had to follow their rules.

It only shows how disorganized this event was.