I played in the STS 

Dear Pojo,

Hey, what’s up? Yes I was one of a few hundred people who was at the STS and played in the tournament (11-14). Let me tell you of my experience...

Got there at 8:00 AM thinking I was going to get a good spot in line for registration, I was sadly mistaken. I ended up standing in the outside the Queen Mary for about 3 hours, then another 30 Min of waiting inside, just to register!! They weren’t enforcing the “no fossil” and “no team rocket” rule. I addressed the judge on this issue and he said he had never heard of such a thing, leaving me very puzzled. Finally, pairings were up and I was ready to battle at about 11:45.

Now, this is where it gets ironic. I don’t remember the name of my first opponent, but he was like nothing I’ve ever seen, he had beaten me on the third turn. The game was over in about 3 minutes so I talked to him. He said that he indeed knew Scott Gerhardt and had battled him prior to coming here, he also told me that he was just yonder in the 15+ section.  “Cool”, I said, and that was that.

Later at the end of the tournament, (I had lost 4 and won 4 at the end of 8 rounds), I ran into him! “Hey, how did ya do?”, Said I. “Oh, I came in first place”, he replyed calmly.  Woah!! I wished him luck on the finals and went off on my business. I never actually  found out what his ranking was in the final, but I hope he won it.

It was definitely worth coming here! I got a prize of 4 boosters and some other goodies. And one more little tidbit for you: About halfway thru the tournament, after I had beaten someone, One of the official WotC Judges was walking around, begging people for fire energys. Yeah, you heard me! No one had the heart to give any to the poor guy who gives us the boosters and products he helps manufacture for us. He said he needed 6 fire energys for a kid that needed some. Supposedly for his deck. I had some heart, so I rummaged through my folder, and pulled out 6 six fire energys. When I looked up to give them to him, he was gone. I got up and started looking for him, then I saw him coming back to me with a card in his hand. I gave him my energys, and he pushed the card into my hand and walked away after saying thanx. I looked at the shiny card I held in my hand, and gawked at it, almost drooling. It was a Cool Porygon! That was the best trade I’ve ever made in my life!

Well, I hope you guys found some worth in this tantalizing story. See Ya Later.

Charles Sweet