The West Coast STS 

Saturday, July 22, 2000, 7:56 A.M.: I woke up bright and early, took my shower and ate hurriedly, packed, and embarked on the hour and forty-five minutes journey to Long Beach for the event of a lifetime Iíve been anticipating for the past month and a half; The Super Trainer Showdown!

9:30 A.M.: I had just arrived at the Queen Mary, and had gotten lost with the thousands of people coming from every direction. When I finally found my way to the event, I was greeted by a roughly six thousand-person line to register for the tournament.

10:15 A.M.: About five hundred people had gotten in, then the Queen Mary employees ďkindlyĒ informed us the ship was at maximum capacity, they gave everyone who had missed out a free booster pack, nowhere near worth what some people have gone through just to be there. I was also looking forward to meeting Spike there, who had flown in from Kansas on Friday, I didnít actually, see him there, and I hope that he wasnít screwed over like the other fifty-five hundred people from all over the country had been.

12:13 P.M. Still waiting in line, hoping to get into the other available stuff besides the tourney. After about an hour and half more, I left disappointed and hoping the East Coast STS wonít suck so bad...

1:34 P.M.: Iíd just got to my favorite comic/card store, and out of pity or something, my step-dad got me a few packs of Magic, and I doubt that anyone cares for me to list the contents of the packs.

5:07 P.M.: Here I am, sitting my lazy butt in front of the computer, complaining about an event thatís free and run by Wizards. Hell, looking at it that way, it was bound to be crappy in the first place. =)

And now I leave you with these last words: I know we should all be grateful just because Wizards makes Pokemon TCG in the first place, but this is just ridiculous...

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