Dear Pojo,

Boy was the Super Trainer Showdown a riot.  People were lining up from around 7:30,while I wasn’t even awake yet. My mom, brother and I arrived there sometime before 11:00 so that I could sign up for the tournament, whoo, was I wrong. Outside,the lines were not moving at all. The guy kept repeating that they expected about 8400 people to come and around 2800 to play in the tournament, but much more than that came. Everyone was surprised to see so many people show up because they thought pokemon had “died down” a little. Although one mom said that her older son would never admit that he does this.

So as you might already know, they were giving booster packs as a consolation prize. Many people were taking more than one hoping that they wouldn’t notice and they didn’t. But also the people of the Queen Mary were handing out free passes to look around the boat or take the ghost and legends tour which would normally be $17. So we just went on the boat, looked around for a while and then ate lunch at one of the restaurants while opening our free boosters. After that we went back to the entrance and we were able to get in, what a relief. So the first thing we did was get our point sheets. We walked around a while and decided to go to the Dark Raichu photo thing. On the way,I met my friend from school.Pretty cool. Making the Pokémon card was next, after that, more walking around until we found a booth where they were giving appointment sheets for the Lt.Surge challenge thing.I entered in the 11-15 category. One of the point givers was very nice and gave us some free points. That made me happy.

That was pretty much it, except for getting the free booster packs. So as we were walking back to the parking lot, all of the people from team rocket were in front of the Meowth balloon and were taking pictures. In the end, I was happy because although I didn’t get to participate in the tournament, i got lots of free boosters.