STS Report

On Wednesday my family leaves to LA for the weekend because on Friday some distant relative is getting married.  Convenient, no?  Well, seeing as how I have an invitation and 7 badges, I ask (Erm, beg) my parents to let me go (Of course I was planning ahead and brought my cards) Well my dad agreed, and after several small earthquakes caused by my jumping up and down, I went to the STS on Saturday.  

Now, I know Wizards, and I know that if I wanted to be in the tourney, I had to get there early.  I was one of the first there, arriving at the Queen Mary at about 6:30.  We sat around and I traded/played with people on the ground around the boat.  I was let in, and quickly got in the 11-14 division.  The tourney was a blast, but Wigglies dominated the play scene.  I got 28th.  I decided to hang around and watch the awarding ceremonies.  I played in the “League Zone” Took some great pictures with Pikachu, the Pika Car, the Dark Raichu, the TR Balloon...etc.  (I’ll send some pics when I get em developed) I left with a big ol handful of boosters, a hat, a shirt, some new cards (Holo Clefable and Cool Porygon from the “Master Trainers”)  As I arrived really early, I didn’t have to wait in line like some other unfortunate souls, and when I got inside, the whole thing ran smoothly, and it was a lot of fun.  The crowds were gargantuan, and walking through that stupid maze with all them people made me want to club someone with a chair.  I saw Gordon Kane from a distance (right when 3rd round was about to start for me, couldn’t find him later to meet him) and I saw Scott’s head.  I didn’t see Clefairy Doll =( even though I looked for her, and I think I saw Chad Mills wearing his Gym Leader shirt (though there were a lot of people in Gym Leader shirts) 

Anyway, I had a blast, and I desperately await the east coast STS.  Of course, there were a few flaws, the crowds, some people not gettin got play, the bad rulings (Scott! Cough cough!) But nothing’s perfect.  Perhaps Wizards may still be able to remember to work on fixing these flaws so that everyone can play. (Cough cough SPIKE!)  I personally really enjoyed the event, and it was totally free, so I encourage everyone to try to make it to the East Coast one, because hey, you get free cards and boosters, so even if you don’t play in the tourney, it’s not a TOTAL loss.  Well, that’s my report.  Cya later, PoJo peeps.

-= i R o N F i S t =-