Master_Trainer_Pat says, "Here's today's announcements:  First, the

scoring for the STS is as posted on our website, _not_ as MT Mike told you
last week." (see http://www.wizards.com/Pokemon/stsfaq.asp
<http://www.wizards.com/Pokemon/stsfaq.asp>  for full details).
*         Master_Trainer_Pat says, "Second, there has been a slight change to
the rules regarding when time is called at the end of a round.  When time is
called, the current active player will finish his or her turn and that will
end the round.  Previously, it was written that there would be a chance for
the inactive player tohave one more turn as well."
*         Master_Trainer_Pat says, "Finally, as many of you already know MT
Mike, myself and a very dedicated group of friends(who put up with our
hair-brained ideas) worked until the wee(dle) hours of the morning to
complete the Space Weedle Project."



*         Master_Trainer_Pat says, "Also, we confirmed some plans to have a
follow-up season to the Pokemon League after season 8 is finished.  This
Final season will be called 'Victory Road' and it will give trainers who got
a late start at earning their badges a chance to earn the ones that they
*         Master_Trainer_Pat says, "We've also found out that during "Victory
Road" trainers will have a chance to earn a Cool Porygon.  Earning one will
not be a walk in the park however, as it will take quite a few points to
get.  Furthermore, as I'm sure you're all wondering, the Cool Porygon that
you can earn during Victory Road is _exactly_ the same as the one that was
included with the Nintendo 64 bundle pak."
*         Master_Trainer_Mike says, "More news for you and a correction.  When
you go to the movie starting July 21st you will get an Ancient Mew card
(while supplies last).  This will also come with an ad card that sends you
to your local Pokemon League to get the special Ancient Mew play mat which
also helps you learn the translation of Ancient Mew.  You do NOT earn any
extra promo cards with this.  The Ancient Mew is your promo card."
*         Master_Trainer_Mike says, "Starting July 28th, they will be giving
away the 3 legendary birds promo cards at the theater (again while supplies
last).  There will be an ad card that comes with them that sends you to your
local Pokemon League.  If you complete that ad card you can get a Misty's
Seadrea promo card from the league.  You will also be able to earn a Mistys'
Seadra during Season 8 of the Pokemon League by completing one of the League
*         Master_Trainer_Mike says, "Season 8 of the Pokemon League (starting
August 5th in most locations) will also give you the opportunity to earn
promo # 18 the Team Rocket's Meowth promo card.  You can get a point grid
sticker put into your book and you can earn up to copies of this card, 1 at
250 points, and 1 at 500 points (just like the promo Eeevee was done this
*         Master_Trainer_Mike says, "Also, more new for the league.  After
Season 8 ends, the Victory Road Season starts.  For those of you who won't
have earned all 8 badges yet, you would continue to work on them.  If you
have earned all 8 of your badges then you get a special Victory Road Point
book.  You will keep track of your wins and losses against other League
members (trainers) in this book and each match will be verified by your Gym
Leader.  For a win, you earn a number of points equal to the opponent's
number of badges.  For a loss, you would SUBTRACT 1 point."
*         Master_Trainer_Mike says, "When a Trainer accumulates 20 points in
your Victory Road booklet you will receive 1 #20 Promo Psyduck card.  When
you win 5 games IN A ROW in your booklet, you will receive 1 Cool Porygon
promo card (promo #15). Trainers can continue to fill their booklet and/or
receive a new one upon completion of the first one for the remainder of the
Victory Road season."
*         Master_Trainer_Mike says, "We are also working out the details for
the second year of the league as well.  So be rest assured, it will

Best of luck to all at the Super Trainer Showdown this Saturday; we'll see
you there,