Here's the hot chat announcements for this week:


* Master_Trainer_Mike says, "Here is the latest POSSIBLE East Coast Mall
Tour information. Please keep in mind that it is STILL being worked on, and
thus not finalized."
* Master_Trainer_Mike says, "August 26-27 Troy, MI"
* Master_Trainer_Mike says, "Sept 9-10 Townson, MD"
* Master_Trainer_Mike says, "Sept 16-17 Cincinnati, OH"
* Master_Trainer_Mike says, "Sept 23-24 Schaumburg, IL"
* Master_Trainer_Mike says, "Sept 30-Oct 1 Independence, MO"
* Master_Trainer_Mike says, "Oct 7-8 Alpharetta, GA"
* Master_Trainer_Mike says, "Oct 14-15 Braintree, MA"
* Master_Trainer_Mike says, "Oct 21-22 King of Prussia, PA"
* Master_Trainer_Mike says, "Oct 28-29 Nanuet, NY"
* Master_Trainer_Mike says, "Nov 4-5 Miami, FL"

* Master_Trainer_Mike says, "Some rules information on the main tournament
at the upcoming STS. It is a swiss style tournament. You will earn 3 points
for a win (meaning take all 6 prizes, deck him out, or knock out his last
Pokemon), 2 points for a draw (anything NOT a win or loss), and 1 point for
a loss. When time is called, the player that is playing gets to finish his
turn and then the other player gets one last turn. Player's will be allowed
to use dice instead of coins if they so choose. If you are late to your
match your opponent gets to take one of his prize cards, if you are more
than 5 minutes late, het gets 2 prize cards, and you forfeit if you are 10
or more minutes late to your match. Matches will still be 20 minutes long
and there will be 15 minutes between matches to finish up, learn your next
match pairing and get settled for the next match. Lastly, the judges will
all be trained and ready to help keep this a fun event for all,
unsportsmanlike conduct and stalling will be dealt with accordingly (from a
warning to a lost prize card to a game loss to a DQ). Please keep in mind
that these rules may vary somewhat at the match but these are basically as
it will be."

* Master_Trainer_Mike says, "The Gym Heroes(tm) expansion has a new type of
Trainer card called a Stadium card. It also has versions of some Pokémon
with names like Misty's Staryu or Brock's Onix. When playing with these
cards, keep these things in mind:"* Master_Trainer_Mike says, "Stadium cards
are a special kind of Trainer card that stay on the table ("in play") after
you play them. They affect the game for as long as they stay in play. Only
one Stadium card can be in play at a time, so if there's one on the table
already and a new one comes into play, discard the old one."


* Master_Trainer_Mike says, "Trainer's Pokémon are Pokémon that have
trainers' names in their titles. Since the names "Misty's Staryu" and
"Staryu" are different, you can have 4 copies of each in your deck if you
want. But since Misty's Starmie says "Evolves from Misty's Staryu" on it,
you can't evolve a regular Staryu into Misty's Starmie (and you can't evolve
Misty's Staryu into a regular Starmie). You treat Staryu and Misty's Staryu
like two completely different Pokémon!"

* Master_Trainer_Mike says, "And finally, I want to thank all of the folks
who have sent in their Weedles to be a part of the Space Weedle (Thank you
to Tyais for helping to get the word out on the Pokegym as well).  I 've
received over 250 so far and if we keep getting more then we may have to
build more than one SpaceWeedle as well.  If you want to be a part of the
Space Weedle project, please sign the front of your extra Weedle cards and
mail them to Master Trainer Mike c/o Customer Service  Wizards of the Coast
PO Box 707 Renton, WA 98057."

(Pojo Note: The Space Weedle, is a similar to the Seattle Space Needle. The Space Weedle uses a collection of Weedle cards instead of metal.  Tyais over at the Gym really helped get the campaign going.  Now it our turn to help out!  It would be cool if you wrote Pojo.com (or something of the sort) on your envelope to let WOTC know we are helping do our best to assist them.  ;)

Also, Wizards has announced a new "Gym Heroes Prerelease Tournament" that
will take place on most Pokemon League centers (notable omissions are Toys R
Us, Books-A-Million, and other large retail outlets other than Wizards &
GameKeeper stores).  See the following link for details: