Event:  Gym: Heroes PreRelease Tournament

Date:   Saturday, August 5
Where:  WotC stores, League stores, and Premier Dealer stores
Whom:   Pokemon Trading Card Game League Members

You must be a member of the Pokemon Trading Card Game League in order to play in the tournament.  The event is open to 36, and only 36, players.  Each player is to bring a deck of 60 cards.  They will be handed 2 Gym: Heroes booster packs with which they can modify their deck, adding as many or as few Gym cards as they want to.

Each player is then handed a sheet of paper that they record win/losses on.  They play whoever they want and as many games as they want through the day, but can't play the same player twice.

At the end of the set time period, the top 8 players earn more booster packs.

1st place     - 12 boosters
2nd place     -  8 boosters
3rd/4th place -  4 boosters
5th-8th place -  2 boosters

In addition, any players in the tournament receive Misty's Seadra, the next promotional card for the Trading Card Game League.