Grimer Eyes


Pictured above it a funny scan sent to us from Poinko.  Poinko caught the fact that Wizards of the Coast revised the art on the Team Rocket Grimer card.  Some people thought Grimer was peaking up the girl's skirt on the Japanese card.  On the English version, Grimer is now looking straight ahead instead.  Though his evolved evil form, Dark Muk, is still giving us the bird!  Can't wait so see what they'll do with Misty's Tears?

5.5.00 Note from Glenn at www.pocketmonsters.com in Japan:

I’m sure the artist intended for it to look like Grimer was staring up the girl’s skirt. The girl in the picture has “loose” socks, an indication that she is supposed to be a kogaru, or “slutty” schoolgirl. A few years ago there were legions of such schoolgirls, many of whom openly admitted (for tabloid TV shows and magazines) that they wore no underwear under their skirts. The artist is obviously making light of this Japanese cultural phenomenon.

A note on the "Naked Misty" card (Misty's Tears) as well:  "Lots of kids cartoons in Japan show naked bodies, so the card isn’t at all shocking here. In the States, though... yeah, they’ll probably change it."

Thanks for the inside info Glenn!!! - Pojo