Moltres Stall

Moltres Stall.


Here is a very potent Deck my friends that caught my attention a few months ago. While it may not be popular here it is at other sites such as the Pokegym.


Here's a variant of the deck


Moltres Stall


Pokemon : 12

4 Chansey
4 Scyther
4 Moltres

Trainers : 29

4 Bill
4 Scoop Up
4 Super Energy Removal
4 Energy Retrieval
4 Professor Oak
3 Pokemon Center
2 Nightly Garabge Run
2 Item Finder
2 Computer Search

 Energy : 19

15 Fire Energy
4 Double Colorless Energy



Strategy: The only way to win is by decking the opponent and what better way to do it than protect your pokemon and destroy their deck in the process. You can either threaten them with Chansey's Double Edge or let the them do do it themselves. It does especially well versus Haymaker, Speed Tuff, and Raindance since their power often lies in card drawing. To play takes an acquired style, you must always be actively forcing your opponent to react.


The Good the Bad and the Ugly


The Good

-It's basically the perfect metagame for what is winning as of yet. Meaning aggressive beatdown decks. It took advantage of the very thing that makes them work, their aggressive card drawing for options. Take Wigglytuff for example. It has to Oak on average at least twice to do 60+ damage, and in that time this deck could have Oaked for a solid Pokemon base or it has gotten at least 2 energy on Chansey. With a solid Pokemon base and healing capabilities you give yourself time to search or draw a Super Energy Removal. Raindance fairs worse than Speed Tuff since it has an extra card to make the process work, Pokemon Breeder. It also needs to keep drawing Energy to really put the pressure on this deck. Against Haymaker it fairs extremely well, since it resists Hitmonchan and Promo Mewtwo. If you get us (Moltres Stall) into topdeck mode you may be able to get us to use most of our healing trainers at once and if you have NGR or Gambler this also helps.


The Bad

- The problem with Stall is that it has a premeditated opponent. That is an aggressive, destructive card drawing machine. Since it never takes matters into it's own hands it only has one way to win, decking, which isn't optimal. When the opponent thinks things through and simply tweaks his or her deck to Moltres Stall, it can be a fairly easy win.


The Ugly

- Against some decks it's impossible to win with Moltres Stall which is very dissapointing. As soon as you start a game and you see one of these decks the game is over, which hints at the inconsistency of M. Stall. One of which is an Dark Vileplume Deck with Dark Gloom and Snorlax. There are some other decks which I am not at liberty to say that also are virtually impossible to beat with Moltres Stall.


So…In conclusion, if you play in a metagame which plays Speed Tuff, Raindance or Haymaker…a likely sight, Moltres Stall is the way to go. However it lacks the consistency of a great deck


Thanks, Pie

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Props and Slops to Scott (:{P)