TCG Tour Super Trainer Showdown Qualifier Tournament


Dear Pojo Fans:

On April 29 in Denver CO, my 12-year old son an I competed in the first qualifier tournament for this summerís Super Trainer Showdown Tournament on July 22 in Los Angeles CA.  Both of us made it past the 3rd round and will receive a GOLD invitation to the Showdown.  Here are some interesting facts about the qualifier tournament:

        There were 6 tournaments over the two days for each of the 3 age groups (up to 10, 11-14, 15 and over).  A maximum of 32 players were allowed for each tournament.

        Up to 72 finalists at each tour stop will receive invitations to the Showdown.  You have to be one of the top four players making it past the 3rd round in one of the 6 single elimination tournaments.

        If you get eliminated in the 3rd round or earlier, you can get back in line and try to get another qualifier tournament ticket.

        There was no formal pairing system.  It was left up to the winning players to decide who to play in the next round.  Therefore, avoid the better players and your friends as long as possible.

        Booster packs were given to round 2 winners and higher.

        The last two players in each tournament were given Pokemon baseball caps.  The top player was also given a super trainer T-shirt.

        The top player in each age category will receive a free trip to the Showdown.  The formula used to determine the top player was somewhat complex.  It involved the amount of prizes your opponent had left when you won.  Therefore, try to win without letting your opponent take any prizes.  Scoop Ups and Mr Fujis will help nicely.

Iím not sure if thereís any other way to qualify for the Super Trainer Showdown Tournament.  For those who canít make it to the Tour, do you know if thereís any other way to get invited to the Showdown?

One last interesting fact about the tour in Denver: The Jigglypuff US promo card was by far the most sought after trade.  However, I was not able to find anyone willing to sell or trade away his or her Cool Porygon.

Steve & Mike Perucca

Colorado Springs CO