5.10.00  Promo Eevee #11 proved to be a fun-filled 3 day's of information .... Here is a synopsis what we learned over the course of 3 days on this card:

5.6.00  English Promo #11 appears to be an Eevee card.  A few folks have indicated the card will be foil, though we can not confirm this.  The latest issue of Top Deck magazine has the spoiler for the card, but no picture.  The spoiler indicates the card is a Level 7 Eevee.  As far as we know, a Level 7 Eevee has never been released in Japan, so this could be the 2nd exclusive North American card.  Want to know what Eevee's attack & Pokemon Power are?  Well, read Today's News and find out.   

5.7.00  Pokemon Master "Edo" has corrected me on the Eevee promo card discussed in latest issue of Top Deck.  I was not aware of any Level 7 Eevee in print in Japan.  Edo sent me the following this morning:

"There IS a Level 7 Eevee that exists in Japan at the current time.  However, it is only available through the Japanese Pokemon Card Fan Club by collecting a certain number of points (in various ways).  Many astute readers have noticed the Level 7 Eevee has appeared in the official Japanese magazine of Pokemon, “Pokemon Card Trainers Magazine”, in the last few pages (the most current edition (Volume 5 - on page 53)"

Thanks for filling us in Ed!  The attacks of this Eevee are available for reading in Yesterday's News

5.8.00 The Level 7 Eevee promo has been generating a lot of email for us.  We just got this scan from Yorunozuku, along with this email:

"I have a copy of the Japanese Pokemon Grand Party Magazine, and on 1 page, it advertises Pokemon items that can be received after you gain a certain number of points for battling in Pokemon games. For 500 points, you can receive a Level 7 Eevee. It seems to have the attacks mentioned on your news page, so it is probably the one that will be released in the US."

Thanks to Yorunozuku for the scan and the note!  Will this indeed be U.S. Promo #11?  Will the image be different?  We'll just have to wait and see how this hand plays out!