ECSTSQ Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

May 19, 2001

By GymLeaderPhil

Howdy! It's me, Mr. G, again giving out some fresh information about another East Coast Super Trainer Showdown Qualifier Stop.

UPDATE from Kissimmee Qualifier

Now to those of you that read my last Qualifier report you would have known I was trying to receive repeal for the last round played because of my opponent's deck. This was not the only problem though… it was John's ruling. See DCI Penalties Guidelines #102, the opponent should had been given a Game Loss, not replacing Japanese Darkness Energy for an American Darkness Energy inside the deck. Even if John allowed us to continue play, the Japanese Energy should have been replaced with a Basic Energy Card. But John Grant, from DCI Player Information Liaison, handled my appeal and rejected it. I understand why and expected this to be his answer: " Rulings made by tournament judges may be appealed to the head judge during an event. The head judge's decisions are final and may not be appealed to the DCI. Serious concerns regarding judge rulings that may warrant investigation should be directed to the DCI judge manager at dcijudge@wizards.com. These concerns, however, will not result in the alteration of tournament results."

So my advice to you would be whenever you attend a Tournament, which you feel is important to you, bring these three things:

  1. The DCI Universal Tournament Rules and DCI Universal Penalty Guide found at Wizard's Website

  2. A Copy of the Team Compendium, a log of all the Wizard's Pokemon Rulings, found here http://pkcompendium.hypermart.net/compendium/rulings_compendium.shtml This document is made and edited by Chrisbo, Pokepop, Pokesensi, Big Daddy Snorlax, Tyais,

  3. Calm and level headed mind. Unsporting conduct, under the DCI Penalties Guide, can mean a match loss, disqualification without prize, or even suspension from any DCI Events for a specific period of time, ouch!

Anyway since we got that out of the way, lets talk about the QT and some food…


Mmmm "M" Molded Butter

High Pitched Men, Old Dudes, and Butter, not a good combo

3:00 AM Eastern Standard Time, May 19, 2001 my alarm clock goes off. "Good, Good, Good, Good Vibrations, she's got expectations," Where the heck is the snooze button and why the heck did they make this song and why do they have high pitched voices them Beach Boys? I then remember I disconnected the wiring to the Snooze so I wouldn't be lying in bed at 10:00 AM four good hours away from Ft. Lauderdale. I took my shower, printed out the Pojo News by Myuu, waked Ian (Pian_Ian from KPOJ) up, and we hit the road! At like 7:30 AM we get out to eat at the golden arches, McDonalds, someplace in Southern Florida… Now we walked in, my Dad, Ian, and I, to order some grub. I turn my head to the back of the counter where you order and I see this shadow breathing very heavily. At first, I thought it was some old timer with a breathing problem on a tank of oxygen. But no it wasn’t that easy. It was the dark lord of the Empire, Darth Vader! He was just lucky he was bolted to the floor and surrounded by plastic, let me tell you. We ate and then vamoosed to get down to the convention center.

Beautiful Day and Pre-Game Trading Bonanza, don’t ask

The Broward County Convention Center

Whoopee! We zipped up to the Parking Garage and stopped at the gate. This really cool parking garage employee named Lenny said, "Yes sir you need to address your check to Lenny". That was one highlight of the day! We parked and got all the stuff I needed including my deck, smart eh? But I forgot my Business Cards and still regret it. Anyhow we crossed over the bridge from the Garage to the Center looking out over the Port. Yes, the Broward County Convention Center is located near a port. Now around the area of the port and center there are no eateries. So you have two choices (A) Convention Center Eatery or (B) Cruise Ship. Just recently on the Message Boards I heard someone complaining about food prices at the center. Lets compare the facts: Nearly $14 Buck-a-roos for two six inch subs and a can of cola at the convention center. Now Cruises usually have food for free while at sea but the cost of food is paid up-front before you leave dry land. So $250 for a Cruise. I'd rather stick with the convention center any day. The building in itself looks very nice, must be the food price, and I saw janitorial staff patrolling the area every minute or so. So Ian and I went up the escalators to the third floor where the QT was being held. It was about 10:00 AM; still no sign of John, the Head Judge. When he finally did show up, he was understaffed. It seems the Magic Judges from Kissimmee desided Pokemon Events are a little to hetic for there taste. So some very dedicated "Poke Parents" asked John if they could help out. Their names are Ranee, Heidi, and Randy. Without them I would have not been able to participate, me being the Head Pokemon Rulings Judge, and be forced to judge one age category all day long. So a special thanks to you guys, you did great!

The Line with me directing line traffic at Podium (Far right)

The doors open, seven people dead, thirteen reported missing in action

No, not really, just trying to keep you awake. But when we did open up shop it looked like an old western flik where the cattle stamped like crazy because something scared them. John finally managed to crawl up to the podium where the microphone was and announced, "Sit down in a chair". Hallelujah praise the Weedle gods! We, regaining consciousness, started to then pass out deck registration sheets but then we ran out. So we had to wait for John's friend to show up with his printer. Twenty minutes later, no show. So we Ranee and Heidi, under John's instructions, did deck checks for 10 and under. Then just before we started doing 14 and under, the printer arrived. We passed out the sheets and the line grew so big I was directing line traffic, happy, happy, joy, joy. While people started to register I decided to set up camp.


Pojo Display: Magazines, Internet Articles, and KPOJ Radio

Camp Pojosama

Ah, the great indoors! Can't you smell the febreeze? Well heck I had some time on my hands between KPOJ Radio and Moderating that I made this snazzy little display. I know it does look crummy, but that’s my digital camera. Which will be my ex in a few days. Not only did we have a cool display, but also we had a raffle. I was fortunate enough to have a large roll of those "ADMIT ONE" Tickets you'd find at the fair, so we raffled off the latest issue of Pojo's Pokemon and Other Cool Stuff, Pojo's Video Game Review, and some extra Marill promos I had stocked away at my league. So overall Camp Pojosama, was a success, and maybe we'll do a state tour or even world tour…


Miss Miranda, Winner of the 10-Under Division

10 - Under Tournament

From what I saw of the tournament this little lady was on fire. Miranda smoked out the big and bad boys in her division and still maintained her beautiful hairstyle. How do you do it Miranda? Anyway Miranda managed to win twenty-four Neo: Genesis booster packs and trip package to Jersey. Randy, one of the "Poke Parents", judged this event. Everyone else: I hoped you did wonderful but I was too busy in my own division to watch.

14-Under First Round (Me in White to the Right, catchy right?)

14 - Under Tournament

Well his was a nice way to kick off my summer of discontent… In other words I did terrible. As you might recall I was unbeatable till last round in Kissimmee. This was totally different in Lauderdale. Unlike Kissimmee, I was fooishly playing Slowking/Rocket Zapdos/Sneasel/Cleffa, instead of Rocket Zapdos/Chansey/Sneasel/Magby/Cleffa with Steel Energy. I had terrible hands except for the first round. My record was three wins, three losses, and zero ties. But this gave me some time to judge around. Finals were kept perfectly, a DCI Judge's dream. We had pushed back the crowd two tables in every direction and asked for complete and utter silence from overseers. I was watching two games during the top sixteen match, one a Rain Dance VS Slowking and a Rocket Zap and Sneasel VS something that didnt look top sixteen material. Top eight came and went. Then four and finally two. The winner was decided Alex Platt, who was at the Kissimmee Qualifier with me. He recived twenty four boosters and the trip and accomidations to New Jersey. Well you enjoy your trip Alex I'll be waiting here in Florida for some results! I was not able to interview the second place winner but he too recived the same prizes just a different DCI Ranking.

The Proud and Few 15-Up Players (Bottom)

15 - Pretty Darn Old Person To Play Pokemon Tournament

I know that about thirty people played in this event although I wasn't there to witness it (And you call yourself a reporter Phil, honestly). Some people from the Daytona Beach Books-A-Million played in this event, including, but not limited to, the anti-Wigglytuff association from Jacksonville. They, the anti-wiggles, kind of caught on to my last article, *Cough, Cough* the Kissimmee one, where I stated quote-on-quote:

"These guys are really a Anti-Wiggly Tribe more than association or you could just call em nut jobs. Traditions include The Ripping of a Wigglytuff before a Tournament starts and Chasing of the Miniature RV Cars, don’t ask,"

They weren't too happy about that, so being the tribe they were they placed me in a cauldron of boiling water. They then did some sort of satanic river dance shouting voodoo magic. That’s when I decided I should take a lunch break…

Clean Up (John in Stripes)

Tribute to John Shannon

Thank You John for Head Judging a DCI Tournament That You Had No Clue Game-play Wise! Continue To Judge in Magic Events and Good Luck With That Chick from Melbourne

Yours truly and Ian (Pian_Ian) from KPOJ Radio (Right in Yellow)


Well that’s about it, I can think of anyway. Thanks to Mato from Pojo's Message Boards for these great pictures (The crummy ones are mine). Be sure to floss after every meal!

Anyway, Enjoy your day here at Pojo.com and be sure to listen into KPOJ Radio!

You heard it here first, only at Pojo.com!


-GymLeaderPhil (rmckinney2@cfl.rr.com)