This article was written BEFORE the ECSTS?

This article was written WITHOUT the consideration of the ECSTS Rocket On format?

Did Monkey go to the ECSTS?

(Pojo Note:  Mr. Monkey did in fact write the article before the ECSTS ... I didn’t notice it was waiting for me to post until well after the STS ... the delay in time was entire my fault!)

Did he see those hundreds of kids yelling? Screaming for pokemon while they riled up by Ra Ra? (I think)

Did he see the 100’s of participants eager to compete in each of the eager categories?

Was he there at 3am at the EMbassy’s lobby seeing so many youths & adults together playing their format decks? Their Standard decks? tweaking them? TecHing them... HAVING a good time?

Standard is currently boring. The Tourney scene has staled because it does come down to WHO goes 1st... Well It took WotC staff to brainstorm a FORMAT that added some excitement and AND FORCED creativity to build some unique yet successful decks.

I saw so many different decks. Granted I was working as a judge at the 10 and under... there were some cookie cutter decks BUT there were so many variations... evolutions, THEY WERE viable. Evolutions. Why are they so limited? hays knock out the stage1 poke before it can evolve... HERE Basic pokemon were SO WEAK to the attacks of an evolution... YOu had to play pokemon that could evolve...

What a change.

And drafts? It was draft heaven at the ECSTS. Hampton, Embassy, MBI II, Last year was the 1st time I experienced a DRAFT and it was incredible... I could not get enough BUT just did not get the chance to DRAFT since... this past weekend... there were so many chances to TEST your DRAFT skills, extemporaneously BUILD decks from what you can get and BE successful. Luck & skill.

SO, perhaps THERE need to be some changes. TOURNEYS should provide those changes, OR PERHAPS seek those changes yourself. Imagine the uproar that TOP players cannot play their STANDARD deck (how unoriginal)

AFTER having experienced an AWESOME weekend in Secaucus I must disgaree with Monkey’s article.

Normally I would nod my head... but AFTER seeing so many POKEMON going people there... What is so stale about HAVING 48 hours of ROARING fun????

AND it will be DeJa Vu @ the WCSTS?

Bring it ON!!!

juan mg





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