June 15, 2001 - by CHRISBO

Well gang, the Super Trainer Showdown is only about a week away so a lot of this week's questions were about that.  There was also some info about WotC attending some conventions in July & August, and MT_Mike has landed a new position at WotC (congrats to him!).  Finally, in case you haven't heard, the Cross-Trainer Series that was scheduled for release this fall has been canceled (see http://boards.wizards.com/pokegym/Forum7/HTML/000045.html
 for more details), but the good news is that Southern Islands and Neo: Revelation are both still on track for release in October.

Just a reminder to all, I will be traveling next week on Thursday to be at the STS (I will be judging in the main competition) and will not be attending the Weekly Chat in person, so there may or may not be a Chat Report here next week.  If not, I'll try and get some info from it to you after the STS.

See ya there,


master_trainer_mike says, "Haven't been here much the last few weeks and that is because..."
master_trainer_mike says, "I have a new job here at Wizards of the Coast"
master_trainer_mike says, "I am now the Mass Market League Manager which means that I will help create and keep running the Pokemon League!"
master_trainer_mike says, "as well as some other upcoming programs (cough Harry Potter cough)"
master_trainer_mike says, "So, as usual if your league is missing any supplies or not getting what it needs, please send an email to
master_trainer_mike says, "make sure to explain what store it is, (location etc), who the gym leader is if you know and exactly what is missing and I will do what I can to make sure" 
master_trainer_mike says, "the supplies get through"

master_trainer_mike presents the speaker with question #134 from chrisbo: 
So Mike, since you now have a new title (congrats, btw), does that mean you will be spending less time with Pokemon or about the same?
master_trainer_mike says, "More! Just more behind the scenes."


master_trainer_pat presents the speaker with question #3 from michel1be:
How many people have already registered for the STS ?
master_trainer_pat says, "Over 600 people so far have registered...yaa-hoo!"

master_trainer_pat presents the speaker with question #9 from thundrchld:
i already preregistered..but when i called he never asked if i wanted to preregistered for one or both days... will it be automatically both days?
master_trainer_pat says, "When you call to register we automatically register you for both days...if you decide not to go for both that is fine."

master_trainer_mike presents the speaker with question #165 from chrisbo:
What time does pre-registration for STS begin on Friday night next week? Are you guys gonna be there?
master_trainer_mike says, "The check-in starts around 7:30 pm. We will be getting in that night but will be shagged out following a prolonged squawk."

master_trainer_mike presents the speaker with question #11 from
What time will the ECSTS start at on Saturday (and Sunday)?
master_trainer_mike says, "The actual tournament starts at 11 am but you want to get there a few hours earlier for registration, check in, and giving in your deck list"

master_trainer_pat presents the speaker with question #12 from
How long does the first 8 rounds last for? (how long does it take?)
master_trainer_pat says, "The general tournament is scheduled to go til 5pm, but I think it may go a little longer than that...maybe an extra hour or so."

master_trainer_mike presents the speaker with question #2 from bikabee22:
I'm going to the sts and need to ask some questions.(1)-You can play in both tournaments on Saturday and Sunday right?(2)-I want to play and maybe earn some boosters for playing out of the tournament and My deck has 3 of this one card and 2 are japan
master_trainer_mike says, "Yes you can play in the main tournaments on both days UNLESS you win on day 1, then you cannot play on day two but there will be lots of other fun stuff to do if you do win"
master_trainer_mike says, "you can try to earn boosters in the league zone area too"
master_trainer_mike says, "as far as japanese cards go, you MUST have an english version of the card OUTSIDE of your deck for translation purposes"

master_trainer_pat presents the speaker with question #13 from pokesensei: 
Hiya guys! I'm asking this so everyone knows the answer. If you are playing in the main tourney at the STS, and you have a Japanese Basic Energy Card in your deck, do you need to have an English copy of it out of your deck? What about the "Special Energy" Cards?
master_trainer_pat says, "If you have foreign basic energy you'll be fine at the STS. Any cards that actually have important text on them (like Darkness Energy) you'll need to have an english version of outside your deck."

master_trainer_pat presents the speaker with question #27 from gexico:
Will dice be the legal "coins" at the STS or can we use both?:-D
master_trainer_pat says, "You could use either."

master_trainer_mike presents the speaker with question #56 from pokesensei:
Hey guys, since the STS is coming up next weekend, it might be a good idea here to go over some basic "reminders" for everyone! :-)
master_trainer_mike says, "Good idea"
master_trainer_mike says, "some basics"
master_trainer_mike says, "bring money for lunch and food!"
master_trainer_mike says, "or some snacks it will be a long day"
master_trainer_pat says, "mmmmdonuts."
darkmt_mike says, "Have a legal deck! 60 cards!"
master_trainer_mike says, "make sure to bring some extra cards sleeves and extra cards in case any get damaged or lost"
master_trainer_pat says, "Bring your own damage counters"
master_trainer_mike says, "and coins or dice"
master_trainer_mike says, "or other randomization methods"
master_trainer_mike says, "bring water as well so you don't get dehydrated"
master_trainer_mike says, "get there early for cjeckin and deck registration"
master_trainer_mike says, "make sure to relax and have fun"
master_trainer_mike says, "the day will go easier if everyone is relaxed"
master_trainer_mike says, "take a break if you need to"
master_trainer_mike says, "wipe your feet before walking across my CLEAN FLOOR!"
master_trainer_mike says, "STOP SLOUCHING!"
master_trainer_mike says, "USE YOUR NAPKIN!"
master_trainer_mike says, "......."
master_trainer_mike says, "sorry"
master_trainer_mike says, "ummmmm"
master_trainer_mike says, "anything else?"
[CHRISBO NOTE: Also, if you have "Pokemon TCG for Game Boy" make sure to bring it to the STS too; you'll never find a better "gene pool" for Card Pop!  And besides, I still need those two "illusion cards" ;).  I've got a couple of virtual decks I'll play there if I have enough time.]


master_trainer_pat presents the speaker with question #4 from dunjohn_:
why, when there's a small set like Jungle or Discovery, do you make two editions or the rares? It's good if you just want to get good cards to play with, but it's really hard to collect them all!
master_trainer_pat says, "There are a variety of reasons for this...one that we keep coming back to is that you can use the non-holo rares in your deck and the holos you can put away in your binder for collecting. Also, the sets are really small to start with."

master_trainer_mike presents the speaker with question #31 from darkchumaster:
Does discovery have any special pokemon cards like in the Japanese sets because i heard there is 2 espeon and umbreons?
master_trainer_mike says, "There are 2 different espeons and umbreons in the Discovery set"

master_trainer_pat presents the speaker with question #109 from
Is there a Ruin Wall with a shadow of Pikachu and one with Raichu, like Japanese cards or is it or is it only Raichu?
master_trainer_pat says, "We just released one of them"


master_trainer_mike says, "Actually here is another announcement for you."
master_trainer_mike says, "If you still have not received your Happy Birthday Pikachu from your sent in Legaue Activity please call customer service at 1-800-324-6496 and we now have a complete list of all entrants. We will be able to help you get your missing card."

master_trainer_mike presents the speaker with question #179 from sd_pokemom: so is it too late to send in create a cards?
master_trainer_mike says, "yup, they were due months ago"


master_trainer_pat presents the speaker with question #55 from great_1:
There will be only 30 Vending Machine series cards included in CrossTrainer? I thought there are like a over 100 of them in Japanese Vending Machine series.
master_trainer_pat says, "I'm afraid you may have missed the announcement that Cross Trainer has been removed from our release schedule. We will not be doing it now."

master_trainer_pat presents the speaker with question #84 from pikachu89: 
So, no Cross Trainer? Is the Southern Islands Gift Box still being released? master_trainer_pat says, "Correct, we're still on track for Southern Islands this fall"


master_trainer_mike presents the speaker with question #65 from trovtwo: So um when will there be a contest to get every promo? You've been hinting at it since the cows came home. 
master_trainer_mike says, "Actually have you all heard about the Pokemon Gym at Origins and Gen Con yet?"
master_trainer_mike says, "The prizes from this prototype Pokemon Arena-like event will include a set of promo cards."
master_trainer_mike says, "More details to follow on the Pokegym and on next week's chat.,"

master_trainer_pat presents the speaker with question #82 from daytongl:
What's the dillio at Origins?
master_trainer_pat says, "We'll tell you more later, suffice to say we will be there and there will be a chance to earn alot of promos and foils"
master_trainer_mike says, "Next week I'll have full details for ya! It'll be great! AND you can come meet and challenge MT Pat, DMT Mike, and me MT Mike!"

master_trainer_pat presents the speaker with question #108 from chrisbo:
Can you tell us when & where Origins & GenCon are going to be?
master_trainer_pat says, "Origins is in Columbus, OH July 5th-8th and Gen Con is in Milwaukee, WI Aug 2nd-5th"
master_trainer_mike says, "Come win LOTS of cards!"
master_trainer_pat says, "Be there or be..."
master_trainer_mike says, "Show your skill!"
master_trainer_pat says, "yea"
master_trainer_mike says, "Meet the MTs!"

master_trainer_pat presents the speaker with question #126 from daytongl:
Origins: Week of July 4, Columbus, Ohio @ the Columbus Convention center
master_trainer_pat says, "right."

master_trainer_mike says, "Thank you all for coming!"
master_trainer_mike says, "We will have full details on Pokemon at Origins and Gen Con next week!"
master_trainer_pat says, "See you all next week. Later."
master_trainer_mike says, "Its been great working with Pat and DMT Mike here in Cust Serv but now I am off to help run the Leagues."
master_trainer_mike says, "I'll still be here every week with them though.
See you at the STS!"