Sneak Peek at Gameboy Advance ... & FAQ's
By Eric (Scythzor)

This is Erik, known as Scythzor on the pojo message boards. Together with Dark Golduck and Daniellugia, I work at Nintendo Norway. They have gotten some European Game Boy Advances, and asked if we wanted to test them. We said yes, and drived to Unsaco.

There we got to play the GBAs.

First some info:

        It will be released in June.

        It has 32 bit graphics, and you can play original Game Boy games on it.

        You can use it as a controller on the GameCube console.

        The machine is about 10 cm wide, and 6 cm high, and the games are about half the size of a GB game.


Well, we started up with playing F-Zero: Maximum Velocity.

It was a racing game, with vehicles that could drive in about 350 mph.

We started with some practicing. The controls were quite easy, A was gas, B was brake, L and R was hard turns. Yes, L & R. On GBA there are L and R buttons.

If you drove at the side of the road, you lost power. The less power, the less speed.

When you had lost too much power, you exploded.

After some practising, we went for the Grand Prix. I was not very sure about the vehicles, so I just picked a red one. It had good max speed, but terrible handling.

I donít know  about Eskil (Dark Golduck), but I thought it was too hard, so I reset and used another vehicle. Wow, this had quite good max speed, and very good handling. I went second into goal, and advanced to a new level. The graphics were awesome, and the sound was good.

The next level was nearly impossible. There were ice which you slipped on, and I went right into the side of the road. After 3 rounds, I exploded, and that was OK, because I was 9th anyway.

We decided to take a multiplayer game.

We picked a level called: ďBianca courseĒ and started driving. Like many other racing games, if you press gas right before you go, you get a turbo start. I got that, while Eskil got a terrible one. I did the round well, and won over Eskil.

This was by far the coolest Multiplayer-game.

Well, over to next game. Itís kuru kuru kururin. (Yep, thatís how you spell it!).

You are a little duck-looking guy, that have to find his brothers and sisters.

You drive a helicopter, that have a propel thatís spinning slowly around.

You must go through narrow paths, and it needs some timing to get through.

I started with some training.

Hah! Easy!

I go to first level. Not too hard, some timing, and I was through.

The second was a bit harder. There were pads that I needed to touch to spin the other way. This was needed to do some of the turns. It was kinda hard in the beginning, but after a while, it got easy. The third level was quite hard. It was quite long, but in the middle of the course there were a big heart that refilled your hearts. By the way, you had 3 hearts and lost one each time you touched the wall. You could also decorate the propel, like you can decorate your room in PokŤmon G/S.

When I managed to beat the third level, one of the sisters appeared. LOL!

Kururin said: ďYou must go home. Mom is worried about you.Ē

Like this it continued for the next levels, harder and harder for each time.

It was not a advanced game, but still I think it was really cool!

This was my favorite in single-player mode.

Now it was time to get something to eat. We went to the nearest gasoline station, and me and Eskil almost spinned around, guess we have played too much kuru kuru kururin.  

The last game was Super Mario Bros.

For those of you who own or have tried Super Mario Bros on NES, this is the same.

I got bored of it fast, it was too easy. (Err, actually, I didnít manage to beat level 1.3.)

I played it for about an hour, desperately trying to beat level 1.3.

Eskil did it, though.

This was Eskilís favourite. I didnít like it very much.

Since I played Super Mario All Stars (A cartridge with 5 different Mario games) on SNES, I didnít like it. (No offence, Mario fans, this is just my thoughts).

I wish they made Super Mario World instead.

Oh well, both I and Eskil was bringing our GBC with PokŤmon Silver.

We discovered that we could play old Game Boy Games on the new Game Boy Advance.

We inserted our Silver cartridges, and the GBA link cable.

But it didnít work!

We told Kirsti, our boss, and she didnít know.

We thought for a while, then I said: ďMaybe if we use the old Link Cable to play old games?Ē.

We tried, and it worked.

We understood how stupid we were, of course the GBA use a different Link Cable system!

Well, we played 2 games, I won one of them, and he won the other.

After that, we just played on the GBA for a while, different games and some Multiplayer, before we watched the clock.

Oops, time to leave.

The time went fast, but it was too dang cool to be true!!

Looking forward to the official release date, guess whoís first in the store...

Well, hope that cleared up a few things for all ya GBA fans out there!

Hope you liked this article!

This is Scythzor, signing off.


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