Sneak Peek of DCI Stuff

By GymLeaderPhil

I just received my new stuff from DCI. Here is what is inside this little goodie bag for us grown ups:

  • A electronic copy of the Tournament Organizerís Handbook
  • Players membership lists
  • DCI Reporter Version 1.70 for April 2001. This now has the option for judicated victories. If a judge make a call that you have won or time runs out, it is a judicated victory. Instead of the usual 3 points,
    you get 2 points. For the loser of the match he/she receives 0 points instead of the usual 1 (I saw this program in use at the ECSTS Qualifiers last month).

Also some paperwork already hole punched *Drools*

  • a new cover page for the Universal Tournament Rules (with pretty new DCI Logo *Drools*)
  • a new set of Magic: The Gathering DCI Floor Rules, reflecting the latest inclusion of card sets in Standard, and the latest additions to the Extended banned list;
  • a more recent list of players currently suspended (Naughty, Naughty, two from Florida!) ; and
  • A new basic DCI Event Sanctioning Application that you can use to sanction Pokemon, MLB Showdown, WCW Nitro, and X-Men events.

Now I know some of you a wondering, "Hey why isn't Legend of the Five Rings on the new DCI Event Sanctioning Application, Mr. G?" DCI Services Manager RE Dalrymple says: "For the last two years, we have been proud to offer sanctioning, ratings, and rankings for Legend of the Five Rings. The tournament player base has grown substantially over that time and we hope it continues to be a strong long into the future. As many of you know, L5R is in the process of being sold to another company. As we near the end of the sales process, the DCI is discontinuing sanctioning for Legend of the Five Rings, effective immediately. Any tournaments that have been scheduled should continue to be run and reported to the DCI until further notice. We will gather these event results and deliver them to L5Rís new home once the sale is complete. As soon as more information is available for scheduling events with this new buyer, we will let you know. In accordance with the immediate discontinuance of DCI sanctioning the L59 events, please remove all L59 materials from your Tournament Organizerís Handbook." So hopefully that will answer all your L5R questions. But if you have any more questions please by all means contact the DCI dci@dci.com, Today! Thanks for reading and have a great day at Pojo.com! And Bill this is how my name should look ;)