Pokémon GBA
By Blueoval_uk

OK so first there was Red ‘n’ Blue then there was Gold and Silver so what comes next? Well under the working title of ‘Pokémon World’ there’s a new Pokémon game in town.

The New Poké Gang

First off lets meet three of the new Poké gang (these are the Japanese Pokémon names there’s no doubt these names will change when the game is translated into English).

We’ll kick off with Kakureon

Then Let’s have a look at Hoeruko

And last but not least Luriri

Some of the new Pokémon will be in the forth Pokémon Movie, Celebi Encounter Over Time.

New Trading Cards

This new game uses Olympus’ Scan Talk technology, which allows you to put in these new trading cards, with a bar-code on the side of the card, which the Olympus’ Scan Talk can read and you can get some cool things put onto the game.

This is all Nintendo have said about this new Pokémon Game so I can’t say any more information about this new Pokémon GB Advance game, I guess you’ll have to watch this space...

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