Response to STS Analysis - By Luiz Tassi

I just finished reading DRG3ís article. While he makes some valid points I
disagree. If you want you can find his article at
           Done reading. Good. Let me just look over some of his points.

Energy Removal gone-

He complains that there is no more energy removal. How many of us have played
in a tournament with decent skilled players.(Raises hand)Ok, now how many of
us were really annoyed when our Steelix, Venusaur, whatever was powering up
on the bench and gets gusted out super energy removaled and killed next turn
for the game(again raises his hand).Well if you get my point, wizards is
trying to encourage evolution and, by removing Energy Removal and Super
energy removal this gives us the guarantee that our turns of hard work will
pay off. And if you still want To remove some energy use the Blaineís
Charmander Recycle energy combo. (Props to firejackel84 for pointing this out
to me) So my point is now with Energy Removal and Super Energy removal gone
almost everybody will be playing an evolution which is what Wizards wants.

Slowking/Dark Vileplume to powerful-

Again I disagree. Slowking and dark Vileplume are 2 forms of Trainer Denial.
Now with Cleffa running around this should not be much of a problem. Thanks
to the new rules the focus of the game moves from Trainers to Pokemon.If you
have been on the message boards,most decks are now running higher energy and
pokemon count.Decks that used to go something like this- 9 Pokemon 45
Trainers 6 energy,are now like this-18 Pokemon 20-25 Trainers energy 17-22.So
my point is with all the cleffa and the focus now on  Pokemon this will be a
less powerful deck type than you would expect.

No more Gusts/Scoop up/Switch gone-

I agree with the part on switch. I wish we could keep that. Most evolution
Pokemon have high retreat cost. This would have made evolutions run in every
deck.Well you canít win Ďem all.I was glad that gust and scoop up were
banned.Now your opponent can not just say look you have a Stellix on your
bench powering up with 40 damage on it from my Murkrow. Iíll just gust it
out, and attack it for 70 with my R. Zappy.To bad, you lose. Scoop Up is
almost as bad. It takes away all your turns of hard work. For example, lets
say a Chansey was ruling you all match.It has taken about half the prizes for
your opponent.You can finally kill it next turn with you dark Muk.Guess what
happens.I scoop up chansey, replay him and use it to win the game.You L.
Anyway so I was glad that there were removed.

Harder to make a come back-

This is not true. In US standard your match would go something like this.

You Down by 4 Prizes-Yes, I topdecked an Oak. Iíll Oak.Wow nice hand I could
actually make a come back.

Your opponent-My turn? k, Iíll oak,gust out you big evolution, pluspower
x3,Lass,play cleffa energy,kill you big evolution.J

Now English Type 2(I forgot who came up with this name,but props to you)-

You(Again down by 4 prizes)-wow I top Decked and Elm.Elm Steelix metal
energy.Rock you with Steelix.

Your opponent-L

Well my point is in standard there are too many ways your opponent can
disrupt your comeback.

Well thatís the end of my article.If you havent figured it out I am pro Type
2.It restores the fun of the game.Thanks for posting this(hopefully).

Before I go one last thing.Stop bashing Wizards! I go on the message board
and almost everytime  theres something bashing them.Its always ďall Wizards
care about is moneyĒ.If all they cared about was money Then why do they run
these huge promotions?You think they would spend Millions of dollars on stuff
like movie promos and STS.Ok so just stop.

Now for props and slops

Props to Wizards for the nice new format that restores the fun of Pokemon!
Props to Pojo for being a great site
Props to firejackel84 for helping me playtest STS decks and showing me the
Blaineís Charmander/Recycle energy combo.
Props to Altus Parker for defending Wizards
Props to everyone at pojo,such as Scott, Spike , Ness, and  Doll and everyone
else I forgot to mention.
Props to Magic for being such a great game

Only 1 Slop

Slop to people who bash Wizards.If you fully read my article youíll see why.

All e-mail goes to Luiztassi@aol.com