Dear Pojo,

Aside from the recent Team Rocket Craze, there has been a recent development that is very exciting for the Pokemon CCG; Pokemon is now reaching out and grabbing the children of European countries.  At first glance, this may mean very little...but now that Pokemon has reached almost all the continents, possibilities for a “Pro-Tour” style tournament is very likely.

Along with the Globalization of the game, comes the next expansion after Team Rocket: Gym Series 1.  This is a set that will turn the game on it’s head, and will hopefully put a great deal more strategy into the game. This is another reason a large scale invitational tournament seemed out of the question.  With out a variety of decks out there, no one wants to see a large tourney.  Who wants to see hundreds of kids battle it out with nearly the same deck?

To be honest, though, a large number of players ARE children which makes long trips to huge tourneys an almost impossible task. But I think with parents and the adult players...the possibility isn’t out of reach.

Currently, there is a “Super Trainer” tournament in California this summer. 

It is the first invitational style tournament to hit the world of Pokemon, and its step in the right direction. Problem is, though, the tourney's invitations don’t reach more east than Minnisota. I hope Wotc will realize this error.  With out including the whole Pokemon player circle, you lose a great number of good, competitive players.

Eventually, Pokemon will reach the same level of competivness in Europe and beyond which will hopefully cause Wotc to realize a Magic-style Pro-tour 

could be even bigger for Pokemon.  For years Wotc has been crossing continents with its successful Magic:TG game, I think its Pokemon’s turn. 

When I first started playing Pokemon, I seriously doubted the lasting ability of the game, but as of right now, I think Pokemon has a good chance of staying on in popularity for many years to come.  Some day, our 1st edition Base set pokemon cards will be seen like “beta” cards in Magic, and later years kids will ooooh and aaah at our Super old collection while they hold Neo 2 cards and beyond in their small hands.

Thanks for Reading