Here are some of the questions I thought had pretty interesting answers from the 3/9 live chat at wizards.com.

Q: just to clarify: basic and jungle are officially out of print?
Master_Trainer says, "Nope, that isn't what I said, they will be soon, but no date has been announced yet.  As far as I know they should be done by the time Team Rocket comes out but it hasn't been announced yet."

Q: active = scyther.  I also have a scyther on the bench.  Opponent uses weedle to poison my scyther.  My turn. Can I retreat active scyther and bring up benched scyther, then retreat and bring up the original scyther, thus removing the poison?
Master_Trainer says, "Yes you could."

Q: any chance for a macOS version of the tutorial CD?
Master_Trainer says, "That is in the works."

Q: follow-up on the difference between base 2 and basic/jungle cards. there are no wording changes to clear up confusion?
Master_Trainer says, "Nope there isn't, sorry."

Q: When will the foil mew card be handed out?
Master_Trainer says, "That will be earned through the Pokemon League soon."

Q: When will the team rocket expansion be released?
Master_Trainer says, "The street date is April 24th."

Q: if I have an evil charizard and a regular charizard in my deck, can I have 4 of each since they have different names?
Master_Trainer says, "Yes." [note: I didn't log this answer, so I'm not sure of the wording of the answer, but it was yes.  -Allan)


Allan Marcus

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