Pie's Game Situations Issue 3

Todays Topic...

-The Power of Promo Mewtwo

MMewtwo Lv 60
70 HP
Weakness: Psychic
Resistance: None
Retreat Cost: 2 Colorless Energy
Energy Absorption: 1 Psychic Energy "Choose up to two energy cards from you discard pile and attach them to Mewtwo."
Psyburn: 2 Psychic Energy, 1 Colorless Energy"40"
As you all can see, the the Promo Mewtwo craze is catching on fast. ANYONE who thinks Promo Mewtwo isn't wworth a try is pretty ignorant to the facts. Many people will say, "Electabuzz can do 40 damage in 2 turns too, and you dont have to discard any energy!!" I agree, Electabuzz is great but I'm not here to compare cards. But Mewtwo does have an advantage over all pokemon. for this reasons...
-He is Versatile
- He's a team player: After you energy absorp you can place an energy on your other pokemon on the second turn AND still atack for 40, this adds up!
- Very Aggressive- in attacking and Energy removing
- Can be Defensive
- Theoritically immune to "Energy Removal" and "Super Energy Removal"
- You can get away with putting less energy in you deck, especially if put in a haymaker
- Extremely quick
- Capable of killing Hitmonchan, Ditto, Promo Mewtwo in 1 hit. Capable of killing 80-50 in 2 hits (plus power not wwithstanding)
- Agile- can be used in the beginning- middle-end (all) parts of the g ame and only needs 1 psychic energy to accomplish it- Easy to Harness
- When in the hands of a good player the possibilities are almost endless
He's a monster!!! Can be used anytime! Anywhere! Oh and BTW, he is broken!
(Note:Sorry for not being politically correct...I regret using the word "He" in my descriptions of Mewtwo. Sorry Ladies! (:{D)