Pie's Game Situation Issue 2

Today's Topic...

- Take Note &The Presage

Presage is a verb/noun in English that basically means to foretell the furture, or a person who foretells it.
-In Pokemon, people most of the time ignore the true strategy of actually playing a deck and concentrate more on copying one or making one. To be a great player you should concentrate on how to play a deck rather then changing it every time it loses. It most of the time it depends on your approach to your opponent and the cards of your deck in play.


- The Presage is the last minute Metagame. It is deciding to play your deck differently while in play. When to hold cards when to play cards. These decisions must be made by seeing into the future. Again I say, experience will help greatly but their is also another facet that will help...your steadfastness. Do you have the desire for the game to take notes of your losses, see what went wrong? Did you uses all your trainers at first sight? Do you take note if the opponent uses all of his/her trainers at first sight? Did you carefully anticipate? Do you have tendencies to empty your hand only to be left with one card, thus making one decision per turn? I could ask you billions of questions but these are just a few to spark your interest
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BTW, many people have contacted me saying giving me THEIR names for some of my strategies. i KNOW the common term is "Sacrifice" for MY "Pokemon Tag" I just want to give them a little "Spunk"