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I have an important manner to discuss. That is Digimon. Most of you are familiar with Pikachu, Mewtwo, Squirtle, etc. But I'm guessing at least half of you have never heard of Kabutarimon, Myotosmon, or Devydramon. Those are all Digimon: Digital Monsters.

Most of you think that Digimon is just spin-off of Pokemon. Guess what?! You're wrong!! (Surprise, Surprise!) Let me tell you why. Back, about 2 years ago when virtual pets were the big thing, I believe it was Bandai, came out with a new brand of the little doggie beepers: fighters. They started with Digimon. The point of their Digimon game was to raise little monsters and then to link up and fight a friend. (Sound familar?) Anyway, it did pretty well here and the states and even better in Japan. The Japanese were still finding out about our little friends, Pokemon, back then too. They decided to make a show for both of these toys.

The popularity of Pokemon soared passed Digimon like that. Although severely unpopular, Bandai stuck with Digimon until about 2-3 months ago it hit the U.S. with a surge of power greater than a Digevolution. (see below) The show made its premiere on FOX was brought in decent ratings as in Japan but Pokemon dominated and does to this day. But enough with the history lesson, on to the technical stuff.

Probably the biggest difference between Digimon and Pokemon is the variety and classification. Even with Gold and Silver, Pokemon still won't get close to the diversity of Digimon. While Pokemon are classified into 15+ elemental types, Digimon has (1) a whole lot more and (2) no elemental classification. In fact there are possibly as many animals on Earth as there are Digimon. But they still are organized into 3 classes and 4 levels. The 3 classes are data, virus, and vaccine. the 4 levels (of Digevolution) include In-training, Rookie, Champion, and Ultimate Champion. Plus the certain "species" of each respective "order".

(Sorry for the long article)

You are also wandering about the show. Let me give you the basic storyline. These seven kids meet each other at summer camp and are mysteriously transported to the digital world. While there they are met by little creatures called Digimon. They are also given their "digivices" to allow their Digimon to digevolve. They are told over the course of their adventure that they are the "digidestined" and must save the digiworld and the real world. They meet many obstacles along the way but keep on going.

Another thing that must be puzzling you is this digevolution. Digevolution is what the digimon do when their respective digidestined child is in danger. There are 4 levels of digevolution. (see above) The digimon get stronger at each level until they reach the ultimate champion level and use their most powerful attack to vanquish the enemy. For example, the one called "Kabutarimon" is a champion digimon with a attack called "Electro-Shocker" which is a huge discharge of electric energy. Kabutarimon digevolves from "Tentomon" and digevolves into "Megakabutarimon". (Kind of complicated, eh?)

That's all for now. Again I apologize for the length of this article but there's a lot to get across.


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